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Death Knight
Im ilvl 672 and I seem to be having some issues with my game play. I follow a rotation where 5 seconds before the fight I cast my Army of dead, about 2 seconds before pull i use str pot to increase str by 1000 , then when i engage boss I start off with casting my gargoyle, Either i can use outbreak or just start off with Plague Strike, I use Festering Strike x 2 to burn my frost and blood runes, I will use defile to use the last unholy rune.. Now all runes are regenerating , I immediately hit Plague leech which gives me two death runes..But here is where I start to need to tweak for dps..My runic power should be getting up there, would I hurry and cast some Death coils here before I burn those two death runes on Scourge strike ?
So anyway through the rest of the fight, I basically will always have two unholy runes and 4 death runes up pretty much most of the time to burn, which means I would be casting Scourge Strike about 5 times, with one of then being possibly defile or another plague strike to put diseases back up in Outbreak is down.

Were on Mythic twins, which I know can make the rotation even more varied , because when the twins are close together instead of using Scourge Strike, I could be using Blood Boil to hit both of them burning death runes. When they are apart using death runes and unholy runes for Scourge strikes, defile, plague strike when diseases are down.

Is my rotation fine , because I feel the flow of my runes and abilities are being used properly, im not waiting for runes, they seem to be ready for me.

Yet my dps can have big differences from 21k to 29k I know that seems very inconsistent, but that is why I am here to figure out where I am losing DPS.

Here are a few things I have found to help critique myself and where I might be messing up. Mythic Twins requires a lot of moving, with fire, charges, falling objects, swirls on ground, Whirl wind, Stacking, then spreading ...
There are times when I am not near the boss because I was separated because of fire.
My next issue is , some times my cool downs are up for my Gargoyle , Perhaps for my Dark transformation for ghoul, also Soul reaper when target is 45 % and under.
I miss those sometimes, and dont realize it until 30 seconds later or so. I know this kills my dps also.
So I need to figure out what Add on I can use that will make a sound. Because visual things sometimes dont click in my mind, but sounds do.. visual and sound would be best .
So I would need an add on where it will warn- remind me that the boss is at 45 % health
Something to remind me that My gargoyle is ready to use.

WIth all that being said, even if I am not using soul reaper right away and say miss about 1 minute of the fight with out using it, the gargoyle,
would that make a 8k difference in dps over the entire time of the fight ?

I really want to better myself and my dps, so i am trying to get deep into my understanding maximizing dps.
Ive been on EJ, Icy veins, Noxxic, You tube videos..

So now im here to ask about making sure my rotation is fine, and add ons to help with reminding me of cooldowns and the the boss at 45 % so i can start using Soul Reaper.

Tahnks for any input. There is a frost DK in my raid that is pulling 30 to 31 k DPS, and here I am geared the same ilvl and Im doing 21 to 29k most of the time down near 21k..
I really am messing something My up time on boss can also be a big part of it if Im getting separated from the boss in some fights.
For addons, I recommend either Tellmewhen, or Weak Auras. Both can be set up for audio reminders. Tellmewhen is a little more user friendly IMHO, but Weak Auras is a more powerful add-on overall. You can google "unholy DK weakauras" and find lots of stuff available.

Here's a link to a REALLY good WeakAura set up. Just install the add-on, go to import. Copy the string from MMO Champion, paste into the W/A window, then VOILA.

Can't help with WeakAura's but I have heard it is good.

I personally use TMW, place the bars directly above my Character UI and go to town. I have different sounds tagged to different spells (i.e. Gargoyle, Outbreak, etc.) and set up things like Soul Reaper to only ding when the mob is <45%. The customization of TMW is what I really like.

TMW is really easy after watching a couple tutorials on YT but check out both, WeakAura's might work better for you (might work better for me, who knows? Again, never personally used it).

As for the comments about the fights and having to be away from the boss, I have found more than a few dungeons and raids to be difficult for melee for those same reasons.

Best solution I found for Unholy DK specifically is when DBM or whatever addon your using pops that an attack is coming that is going to cause you to flee from melee range make sure you refresh your diseases than and be mindful of your RP so you can throw death coils from ranged, especially to pop DT since Greg the Ghoul or Steve the Skeleton will still be in melee range(provided he isn't on passive), having him transformed during those times really helps keep the DPS up.

I also try to throw down my Defile during those times. If you have BOS or NP than it would still be D&D but I have found Defile has become a huge chunk of my DPS and damage.
I tried again last night on Mythic Khargath .. I thought I played just about flawless with keeping my runes regenning all the time.. Using plague leech, I been doing everything I can think of to help my dps but yet I couldnt pull off more then 25k dps which is too low for someone 672 ilvl..

I am beyond frustrated especially when a frost dk who is lower Ilvl than me is pulling off 32k dps..

WHat in the heck can i be doing wrong where I am losing that 5k dps ? I pre pot, pre Army, burn my frost and blood with Festering strike, SS with death runes , coils, dark transforamtion.. rotations again.. It seems so smooth and not scrambling to find runes for abilities.. Yet im 21 to 25k...

I really want to better myself and I been all over the net looking at so many websites ..

Can anyone else give some input to help that maximum dps
Can't really tell you anything gameplay wise without seeing some sort of logs. I can tell you I pulled 38k on Mythic Kargath at 670 ilvl though just tunneling boss, so it is most likely a gameplay issue. Like I said the only thing I can think of is to log your attempts and compare your ability usages with other Unholy DKs.
01/28/2015 11:43 PMPosted by Pistons
Can't really tell you anything gameplay wise without seeing some sort of logs. I can tell you I pulled 38k on Mythic Kargath at 670 ilvl though just tunneling boss, so it is most likely a gameplay issue. Like I said the only thing I can think of is to log your attempts and compare your ability usages with other Unholy DKs.

See that just makes me even more frustrated because your doing like 17k more than I am and im only 3 points ilvl under you.

I can log some posts . I know how to do it, so just upload something to world of logs and then let you see it ?
Damage on mythic kargath depends a lot on your raid.

If the raid do the mechanics right you can get high damage buff.
Using heroism at right time is also important.

Scabbard is very good trinket. its better than all other HM heroic trinkets.It shouldn't be extremely expensive now.And it will greatly help you and your mythic team to kill bosses.

Chain team should give you 100% crowd favorite buff . and when you get it you should pop all your cd,2nd pot + that trinket to get max damage.

managing cd is very important for this particular boss.
Also dks are still good on platform.Even after the blood boil nerf.

I was able to get 52k+ as a chain team member after the 33% BB nerf.

So you may want to volunteer yourself to go to the platform. And teach the chain team how to play on the platform.
This just isnt pertaining to one boss in Mythic, this is over all any boss, Heroic or Mythic..

My DPS is just falling short.
I had a DK from my server analyze one of my older reports.

Mythic Twins

He told me about Blood Boil being nerfed so dont use it unless there is like 4 or more things grouped, other wise do a single target rotation and just use BB to spread initially.

With that being said if my rotation goes something liek this

Pre pull 5 seconds before boss start casting Army of Dead, 2 seconds before pull use Str Pot. At pull I hit Gargoyle

Hit boss with Plague Strike ( applies my diseases ) ,Defile That burns both UH runes. Then i hurry and hit Festering Strike twice to burn both frost and blood runes, all runes are now on Regen. Plague leech gives me two death runes back. Use Out break and then now i can Scourge strike 5 times I believe.. I would use Death coil in there when it gets to be 100 , I normally hit it once or twice to get my runes to regen faster ( runic Corruption ) From here on out on the fight I make sure Defile is down when its not on cool down, Any frost and Blood runes I will use Festering Strike. Plague Leech when its up and there are empty runes so i can get two death runes.. and then I spam Scourge strike 4 or 5 times.. Diseases back on with Outbreak or Plague Strike. Soul reaper at 45 %

I do all of this and yet I can still only pull off 21 k ?

As i Said before I need to figure out where and why I am loosing so much dps. Even if I mess up a rotation, or if I dont get my Gargoyle out right away , maybe forgot , and casted it 20 seconds later.. I just cant see this costing me 8 to 10 k in dps loss.

For me to see that much loss, I would really have to be messing everything up, Like barely on the boss.. not using the right abilities, just hitting buttons and not doing anything really.. Its just frustrating. Perhaps Ill try frost.
Very small tip to get your unholy rune to regenerate earlier::

In your opener, switch from Festering Strike x2 to Festering Strike x1 - Defile - Festering Strike x1 - Scourge Strike - Priority.
looks like you are using right rotation.
I'll add some adjustment to maximize your dps at the start of the fight.
At start use army 7 sec before fight. ( Army deals garbage damage now),you can use darkflight before 5-3 sec to get slightly more uptime on boss. prepot one sec before pull.Start with outbreak( you can use it when you are running to the boss unlike plague strike) then gargoyle,followed by defile.2XFS then SS.You can use PS to apply dots after using plague leach.

This tactic is not going to increase your damage by 10k.Its about 100-300 dps increase.

Also don't use Plague leach on CD. You may have 2-3 runes and good amount of rp, when leach is ready.
use it after burning those runes and RP to reduce downtime.But also don't save that CD for too long, And always make sure you are getting 2 runes from using that ability.

Start using SR when bosses drops below 47-48%. And you can use it on adds with even higher just have to calculate mob HP drop rate in your mind.

For example on Imperator you can use SR on the Big arcane add when its at 80-100% hp(depending on your raids awareness and damage.

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