Been gone since Wrath, leveling a tank.

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Hey everybody,

So I stopped playing a little before Cata came out, and I completely missed Cata and MoP. WoD brought me back mostly because I loved BC and could not turn down the chance to return to Draenor.

Anyway I decided to level a warrior tank so I am mostly doing dungeons, and I just wanted to know if there is any must see areas while leveling or if it will be fine to just go through dungeons all the way up.
I particularly enjoyed Nagrand. But, then again, Nagrand was my favorite zone in Outland.

Also, make sure you at least unlock the outpost in each zone. Some garrison buildings require it. Shouldn't take long, small questline on each even number level.

By solely going through dungeons, you'll miss some free garrison upgrades and some followers you would have gotten through questlines.

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