You wake up, and your main is standing...

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01/19/2015 06:06 PMPosted by Senpai
01/19/2015 06:02 PMPosted by Kailinas

I wanna know who Pickles is lol

Pickles is my pet on WoW. A Sun Sproutling. One of those little podlings you can fight in draenor. Omg I love them so much!

Ah OK. I thought it might be a battle pet but wasn't sure which one. I <3<3<3 my battle pets.
Did you bring all my gold?
01/19/2015 04:32 PMPosted by Aeriele
What do you say to him/her?

Me: "You looked so much better with the old character models."
Male player looking at his female panda main:

Thinks: "This could be interesting, but so very, very wrong on a number of levels."
"There are otter pops in the freezer, you may have ONE."
01/19/2015 04:37 PMPosted by Morgam
What if you don't have a main?

Then you'd be like me, and wake up to about 20 - 30 toons all looking down at you, wanting to know a variety of things....

... and some may not be too happy, either. hm, I don't think this would be much fun, personally.
I have a feeling he'd be looking at himself in the mirror rather than waiting right beside me to wake up.
Her (standing there with a bottle of plague): "Come on, we have work to do."

Me: "Ok."
01/19/2015 04:39 PMPosted by Krugarr
Me: *screams like a girl*

Him: *screams like a girl*

Me: *screams to his screaming*

Him: *screams to my screaming*

This continues until he finally whaps me over the head.

Omg the mental images of this was hilarious!

As for me I really don't know.

Veranolth: Hey~

Me: O_O Um, well hello there.
"Please don't eat me."
01/19/2015 04:32 PMPosted by Aeriele
right next to your bed.

In the flesh, so to speak (or without flesh, depending...).

What does he/she say to you?
What do you say to him/her?

well, first I'd scream, then while screaming reach for my *bleep* and then *bleep* him repeatedly.

Knowing my habit of always having a soul stone, I hope I can reload fast enough.
I'd go check to make sure my virtual one was still there.
He doesn't say anything and I pepper spray him and run for my life.
Sunny would grunt, and we'd walk downstairs together like we do every morning.

01/19/2015 06:23 PMPosted by Cobaltus
Me: "You looked so much better with the old character models."

Depends on his shapeshift form. If caster form: I'd wake up-look-see-not comprehend- go back to sleep. Then I'd wake up and freak out at a 7ft. tall elf in my room.
If he was in an animal form: bee-line to the nearest exit and be in serious need of some fresh underwear.
He'd probably yell something in orcish at me

I'd be confused

Then he'd probably crush my skull for making him fight Garrosh in SoO
This is under the assumption that the Toon knows who I am.

Xanleth : "How goes it?" *Pets my one-eyed cat Dot, whom has warmed up to him since he arrived.*

Me: "Xanleth?" *Confused look appears on my face, quite literally surprised that my RP creation is now in the world."

Xanleth. "Yep." "Just me." *He shrugs his left shoulder, just the left.*

Me: *Realizes the many, many horrid things I've done to him online.* "Uh...about the arm getting cut-off..."

Xanleth: "Yeah." "That wasn't fun." "Still, you seemed to enjoy it." He'd laugh.

Me: *Practically dies from embarrassment.* "Sorry about that..and all the other things."

Xanleth: "Well, I had fun too most the time." "Lots of fun, really." "Besides, the mechanical arm thing is pretty cool, don't you think?" *He flexes it*"Do you got any ale?"

Me:"No." "I don't have ale."

Xanleth: "Shame, guess I'll have to make some later." He'd then stare at my computer, seeing that he is no longer on my character list. "So, uh, how do I get back?"

Me; "No idea."

Xanleth: "I figured you musta brought me out..."

Me: "Nope."

Xanleth: "Odd"

Me: "So, uh, you still got all the stuff you had?"

Xanleth; "Yep!" *Grins*

Me: "All that golds pretty valuable over here, more so than in azeroth.

Xanleth "Really?" "That's interesting, I suppose."

Me; "Yep."

Etc. Etc Then you know my household would probably freak out as a 40-ish year old man with a mechanical arm is in my room. It'd be kinda hard not to miss...
He'd probably just stare.
And I will never sleep at night again.
Main : What happen last night?

I'd probably /swoon

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