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Hey USDK, he is still around, playing h1z1 now..

Rhienne, we do, goes to help maintain our TS servers, website and our giveaways are amazing! A buck a month not a bad deal in the long run.
h1z1? He wants to play a pay to win game run by the worst company ever that just got sold to the second to worst company ever?

Well, more fool him.

And Dying Light is a far superior zombie gam.e
02/14/2015 12:43 AMPosted by Usdk
h1z1? He wants to play a pay to win game run by the worst company ever that just got sold to the second to worst company ever?

Well, more fool him.

And Dying Light is a far superior zombie gam.e

H1Z1 isnt pay to win but it there are alot of hackers and its kill or be killed which ruins its purpose of being a zombie survival game. the only thing you need to survive is the community which will usually kill you on sight if you are alone. but the game has alot of potential but it still in alpha or beta. I personally think its not worth the money but alot of people like it i guess. It will probably be a cool game after all the changes they make once its officially released. And you cant even compare dying light to h1z1
Me personally, can give a rats caboose about dead things and people stealing your crap :) Unless its in Ashran!
Someone please whisper me when you see this. I would like an invite.
SG is still looking for those players who would like to be a part of a re-birth in our World PVP and Rated Battle Ground presence. Check us out at at SGHQ.org!
Ola peeps.

In 3 days it will be my 10 year anniversary of joining Sturmgrenadier.

There are too many good reasons to mention why SG is the best place for any gamer that wants a steady, mature, well run gaming experience in almost every game they play. Just knowing that if I switch to playing World of Tanks tomorrow I would have a group of people there to immediately support me and joke around and have a blast with with I learn the game is gigantic.

In WoW we are pushing through Blackrock Foundry Heroic and we are still trying to recruit more true to the bone PvP'ers.

My goal when I came back to SG WoW was to re-build a culture of PvP in the game. To get us back to being feared again. If you want to be a part of that and join a team of people that will always have your back, come give us a look.
For your entertainment here is an old screenshot of a dead Horrigan :D


Yes, it happens so rarely we take pics.
I joined SG back the year of our lord 2000, playing in the closed beta of WWII online, I've been through a couple other games until settling in our WoW portal for long enough that it has rotted my brains too much to play anything else!

If you're looking for a mature group of gamers with no politics and no infighting, whether it's PvP or PvE, check us out.
Sturmgrenadier has been around for over 15 years ! If you are looking for a group of gamers dedicated to growth, camaraderie and stability, you will not need to look any further.
I just hit my 11 year anniversary with SG. I can say hands down the best gaming organization out there. As pointed out before, we play in games to cover every genre. If you are looking for a stable and mature gaming group, we are it.

To answer the question concerning $12 per... yes... there is a membership fee ( think of it more like club dues) that enable us to provide rock solid communications, website and gaming servers. Most of the surplus is given back to the membership at the end of the year by drawings of either gaming gear, games or gift cards ( ie Newegg etc..) so you can pick out your own. You can join initially as a Trial Member with no $$ due for 30 days in order to see if you like us and vice versa. Nothing to lose, give us a shot and you will see why so many have stayed.
Can honestly say that I haven't encountered one bad apple in this guild since joining, best gaming experience I've ever had. Always people on, over a span of multiple games, with enjoyable people to play with. Play how you like! Casual? no problem! Serious? SG does it all, and does it well.
Raiders! We are looking for ranged DPS to join the Team! Dust off those Warlocks and hunters jump on in with us!
Still looking for some ranged DPS Drop in and visit us at SGHQ.ORG
Keepin it rocking on Bleeding Hollow!
<SG> Sturmgrenadier is looking for players to help round out our RBG Team. Help us grow and expand our vision of RBG dominance. If you would like to be a part of our family please check us out at SGHQ.org fill out an app and jpin a family of gamers that has been in existence for over 15 years! All levels are welcome!

"Join for the Team, Slay for the family"

Recruiting Officer Sturmgrenadier
Updated! Casual players now is the time to join! Check us out and slay for our family!
The skill and efficiency SG has for smashing though raid content is a sight to behold! Come join us to crush HC!

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