Seeking answer for Nagrand rare bag nerf.

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For those who don't know, the elite rares in Nagrand, in addition to dropping items to boost Steamwheedle rep, had about a thirty percent chance to drop 'Partially Digested Bags', which often contain warming signs and complicated wood for selling, but could also have an elixir of ancient knowledge, a well sought after item that makes leveling alts a breeze. I say 'had', because recently, in secret and for no discernible reason, the drop rate of these bags has been reduced to a ridiculous low, to the point where I have killed dozens of the rares today and have not seen a single drop, with many of my friends sharing the same experience.

My question is why. What about these bags beforehand was so heinous that they had to be nerfed? The signs are just dumb fun with no impact on the game, the gold received from selling the wood is nothing compared to what you can get through more efficient means, and the potions were already a rarity within a rarity, making you farm for hours on end just to get a couple of them, but a couple is better than absolutely none at all.

All I want is an answer for this. It seems bizarre that Blizz would ruin one of the few areas outside of the Garrison that was worth visiting and not even make a statement on it one way or the other. My pessimistic side tells me that they wanted to stop the exp potions from leeching off their boost sales, but I'm willing to accept another line of reasoning if a Blizz rep is willing to provide it.
I like your set dude.

Where do you get that sword and shield at?
World drop and KT 25, respectively
If I had to guess, bags were nerfed not because of the elixirs but because of the complicated wood. I killed three rares and made.... one and a half thousand? Pretty quickly.

Or maybe you're really reallyunlucky today.
I thought that too, but I've been looking online and this has been happening to everyone else within the past two days, indicating a hidden hotfix.

And if the wood is the problem, why not just nerf the number of wood that can come from each bag? Make it one piece instead of one to five, don't just make the bag impossible to find.
I doubt blizzard intended for large groups to be farming these rares across many servers and making 5-8kg each per hour.
12/20/2014 01:09 PMPosted by Tuesdays
I doubt blizzard intended for large groups to be farming these rares across many servers and making 5-8kg each per hour.

So remove the wood and leave the potions.
Farmed about 20 tonight. 1 bag.

Wanted to get 4 or so potions to level a DK. :/
They nerfed it because they want people to buy level 90's.
Also would like an answer on this. Not at all impressed.
Pots are only useful up too 84 so they can still have people buy their 90 boosts
The complicated wood was probably providing too much gold, but the Elixir of Ancient Knowledge was a great thing to be able to farm for. It makes leveling legit fun again for those of us who have done it dozens of times, and should always be something relatively simple for a max level character to obtain.
12/20/2014 12:38 PMPosted by Ettemos
I like your set dude.

Where do you get that sword and shield at?

I believe the Red Sword of Courage shares the same model and is a drop from Heroic Ymiron... guy from Utgarde Pinnacle.
I too would like an answer on this issue. Why was it nerfed if it was nerfed intentionally.
People were having fun. You know how blizzard is about fun.
You are right about the having fun part. I ended up playing classes I never would otherwise thanks to those pots and it got me to really enjoy alts more than I ever have
They call it "rebalancing". Just like nerfing the Salvage Yard was not a nerf it was "rebalancing".

Likewise, shaving five seconds off Havoc's cooldown was GAMEBREAKINGLY OVERPOWERED buff to Destro.

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