How to fix Mage PvP: please post suggestions

What's up,

After playing skirmishes for a week and reading the forums, I've come up with a list of changes that would help address the problems we are facing in arena's these days. I think a lot could be done with some subtle changes. Some of these suggestions I have seen multiple times on the mage forums, others are my own.

I'm trying to be realistic and fair about what can be changed. If you have a similar mindset, please post your thoughts as well. I haven't played fire this expansion, so I concentrated on frost and arcane.

Blazing Speed now clears movement slowing effects instead of suppressing them.

Ice Nova, Super Nova and Blastwave now have a 25 sec cd instead of 2 charges with a 25 sec recharge time. The pvp nerfs to Prismatic crystal and Ice Nova/Super Nova/Blastwave can then be undone, since it is no longer possible to use two Nova's and PC together.


Deep Freeze (Buff)
Stunned and Frozen. This effect will break when the target takes more than 5000 damage.

Brain Freeze
Frostbolt has a 15% chance to generate a Brain Freeze proc (up from 10%). Each multistrike increases that cast's chance by an additional 25%.

Frostbolt's damage is buffed by 20% against pvp targets.

Ice Barrier
Instantly shields you for 1 min, absorbing (0 + Spell power * 9.90) damage (100% stronger). While the shield holds, spellcasting will not be interrupted by damage. 25 sec cd.


Super Nova
Causes a pulse of arcane energy around the target enemy or ally, dealing (200% of Spell power) Arcane damage to all enemies within 8 yards, and knocking them upward. A primary enemy target will take 100% increased damage and be disoriented for 3 seconds.

Arcane Barrage's damage is buffed by 30% against pvp targets.

Presence of Mind is again usable with Polymorph.

optional for more spec flavor: Ice Barrier is replaced with Mana Shield: when activated, 60% of damage is absorbed for the next 4 seconds but costs an amount of mana equal to 50% of damage taken, up to a maximum of 30% of your current mana pool. 4% of damage taken will be healed back each second for 10 sec after Mana Shield ends or is removed. 30 sec cd.

optional for more spec flavor: Glyph of Regerative Ice is no longer available for arcane mages. Instead arcane gets Glyph of Evocation:
Instantly heal yourself for 15% of your current maximum health when starting to channel evocation, and gaining 7% health of your current maximum health per second for the next 5 seconds.
- Increase Frostbolt damage.
- Increase Ice Lance damage.
- Increase the amount of damage we can absorb with Ice Barrier.
- NERF the !@#$ out of Ice Nova and put that damage into Frostbolt, Ice Lance, and Comet Storm.
- Give Comet Storm a utility like a stun or something.
- Make Prismatic Crystal follow you around and pulse damage, possibly to combat the problem of melee constantly riding your %^- or give us a non damaging way of peeling melee and removing the endless roots.
- Make alter time a base skill, not a talent.
Revert Deep freeze ( or make every other classes stun break on damage as well)
Frostbolt has 100% chance to proc BF and 1-2 fof charges when cast on PVP target, damage can stay exactly how it is- a filler spell but its need to 100% give procs in PVP as a casting reward, not spend 10 seconds casting it - get 0 procs and accomplish nothing.
Buff FoF
Nerf icenova
Make comet storm a talented PVP execute and leave PC for PVE

Cool beans
Oh, man.

There are so, so many great ways to change mages.

The issue is finding the ones that won't break PvE, break the mages (for good or bad) and do it in a fun way.
There are few things they need to look at:

Ice Nova, Frostbolt, Comet Storm, and Deep Freeze.

Ice Nova DRs everything and doesn't have a fun factor.
Frostbolt does terrible damage and is even terrible with icicles.
Comet Storm does terrible damage.
Deep Freeze should work like every other stun in the game.

Ice Barrier and Flameglow are both horrible.

Evanesce is a cool concept except you have to give up Blazing Speed AND Ice Block for it. That is a terrible trade off for that ability.

Make Greater Invisibility not suck too if you're going to look at things. I would love to play something other than Cold know, just to freshen up the play style.

They can also do some things with your glyphs. Why can't Wele attack while on the move? Let's do other things with our glyphs that would be more fun. Why not right? If you're going to fix it, fix it right!
-First off, please !@#$ can Ice nova and redesign frost bomb to be a DoT spell with a good duration and minor increase to frost damage. or just give us back LB.
-There are 2 ways I see we can go about increasing dps and that would be to either buff our FoF procs to do more damage as well as our brain freeze procs (same proc rate) or to increase frost bolt damage considerably in pvp to make a mage free casting actually Scary.
-Make comet storm actually do damage please?
-I agree that Alter time should be baseline just as a defensive But also with the option to spec into it for the old version that alters procs etc.

Other than that I feel like our mobility is still good and our survivability seems like it has been just more about avoiding damage than tanking it.
honestly, i think just talking ice nova off poly DR would go a loooooooooooooooooooooooong long way.

i mean, you are required to use it for damage output, but there have been a LOT of times when I used it thinking, "i wish this was a frost nova instead"

getting frost nova replaced for ice nova is more than enough of a balance for people who get shredded everytime something touches them.

and that rediculous stun that breaks on damage, lol.
i dont think we need much more damage really, but at least enough to outdamage a DKs heals when freecasting, would be nice.
12/26/2014 01:20 PMPosted by Marianae
Blazing Speed now clears movement slowing effects instead of suppressing them.
While I agree this will help, I just don't like the addition of more CC breaks. Just look at what burst of speed and druid root shifts do to us.
12/26/2014 01:20 PMPosted by Marianae
Frostbolt's damage is buffed by 20% against pvp targets.
Not nearly enough. With the 4 piece which gives a 25% increase we still only crit targets for around 20K. My suggestion would be more like: Mastery: Frostbolt does 15% + mastery increased damage to frozen targets.
12/26/2014 01:20 PMPosted by Marianae
Ice Nova, Super Nova and Blastwave now have a 25 sec cd instead of 2 charges with a 25 sec recharge time. The pvp nerfs to Prismatic crystal and Ice Nova/Super Nova/Blastwave can then be undone, since it is no longer possible to use two Nova's and PC together.
This would kill any burst we have. I'd rather see Ice Nova no longer replace frost nova, and work live blastwave so it doesn't DR poly.
12/26/2014 02:43 PMPosted by Castlevania
- Give Comet Storm a utility like a stun or something.
I say a 70% snare for the duration. But yes, it absolutely needs some utility.
12/26/2014 02:43 PMPosted by Castlevania
- Make alter time a base skill, not a talent.
Agreed, and replace the talent with Temporal Shield
I think the following would improve our kiting and give us more control over when we burst while bringing back the fun of the old shatter gameplay:

  • Turn Ice Nova into a ranged frost nova that is off the GCD and freezes for 8 seconds, does damage only to the primary target, does not share dr with poly, freeze breaks on damage.
  • Increase damage of frost bolt significantly when hitting a frozen target. Hitting a frozen target with an ice lance does not consume a fof proc. welcome back shatter combo.
  • Increase normal frost bolt damage.
  • Allow blazing speed to completely remove roots and slows.
  • Comet damage should be single target and do a lot more damage.
  • Lower cool down of ice novas so that we can pull the combo off more often to make up for a lot of our dead time. The idea is that our shatter combos will do less damage than they used to, but we can use them more often.
  • Either remove deep freeze breaking on damage or reduce it's cooldown.
Would be nice if there was a minor glyph to make ice nova single target and they buffed comet storm a bit somehow. I don't know though needs more rewarding game play for actually casting since all are damage comes from instants.
I've been saying this since i started posting on the forums under a different name.

I don't think blizzard would rework mages thus making my suggestions pointless.

I for one think Ice nova is a badly designed ability, We're forced to use this talent to deal damage but we also lose a nova and we DR poly while using it. (On US arena meta ice nova is awful since you are DR'ing both melee training you or your healer and you won't be able to peel them off)

  • Ice nova damage should be moved to frost bolt and ice lance and just simple remove the spell, isn't fun for us nor the target getting stunned.
  • Comet Storm damage should be doing at least 35-40k+ since it's a spell with 30 seconds cd also it should be casted on the target not affecting if it moves.
  • Frost mastery needs to be reworked, icicles damage is laughable. either increase damage on frozen targets again or something else.

  • I for one would love Wotlk playstyle back, i hate having to spam abilities like ice lance and that's why i didn't even bother playing MoP.
    Lots of great ideas here. I'll add some that are casting and Arcane specific:

    General casting:

    -remove pushback, as it's out of date now. Nothing delays casting except actual lockouts, silences and interrupts.

    -if a spell casts at least 50%, it will hit the target even if it goes out or range (with a max limit). As if there aren't enough ways to screw a caster, you can also just run out of range at the last second

    -lockouts reduced to 3 seconds max, and lockouts cannot occur more than once per X seconds (30? 60?)


    -immunity to silence, lockouts and stuns built into Arcane Power

    -Supernova no longer replaces frost nova

    -Evanesce no longer replaces ice block, OR, can be used while stunned and makes you immune to absolutely everything

    -Casting all spells while moving with AP active BASELINE

    -Casting AM while moving BASELINE

    -AM procs on successful spell steals BASELINE (this was a really amazing addition to Arcane)

    -Can once again use POM with polymorph

    -increase Barrage damage by 30% - 50%

    -increase crit chance on Barrage per arcane charge (up to maybe 50%? loss of shatter really hurt Arcane mages)

    -damage increase on targets affected by Slow (15%?)

    -new Glyph: Slow can be applied to up to 3 targets, but duration decreased per target
    Great Feedback here. I'm thinking to add to my list:

    Ice Nova no longer shares DR with Polymorph.

    Another buff to frost bolt: maybe frost mastery can also increase frostbolt's damage when used against frozen targets (this won't have a big impact in PvE).

    other things:
    Evanesce needs buffing or no one will ever take it:
    Evanesce no longer replaces Ice Block and also protects you from interrupts and silences.

    On prismatic crystal + 2 nova's: you might not realize that it's still possible to two-shot people, even with the nerfs. I know that some people are under geared, but this will get worse the better my gear gets (lol). If Ice Nova/Super Nova goes on a cd instead having 2 charges, pvp nerfs to Crystal and Nova's can be undone which will help our overall damage.
    Considering Mages aren't well off in PvE either I don't see the issue with increasing damage by a decent amount.

    Talents/baseline spells
    -Flameglow damage absorb increased
    -Amplify Magic increased to 30 seconds, increases Mages Damage by 10%, healing increase reduced to 3%
    -Evanesce doesn't replace Ice Block anymore
    -Cauterize brings you to 50%, only takes away 15% health
    -Greater Invisibility makes you immune to damage and increases speed by 50% for 3 seconds when first cast
    -Cone of Cold Damage increased by 200%
    -Shorten Ice Block Cooldown to 4 minutes
    -Ice Nova Damage reduced, no longer shares DR with sheep
    -Comet Storm/Meteor stuns your target for 1 second (come on, it's a comet storm falling on their head!)

    -Deep Freeze no longer breaks on Damage
    -Frostbolt damage increasd by 10%
    -Thermal Void changed, now increases haste (or multistrike with glyph) by 4% each time ice lance is cast while icy veins is active
    -Frost Bomb/Living Bomb/Nether Temest damage increased, Frost Bomb cast time reduced to 0.5 sec

    -Increase DoT Damage significantly
    -Increase scorch damage significantly
    -Kindling also increases all fire damage by 5% while combustion is on cooldown

    -Arcane NEEDS a spell like aura mastery that makes the mage immune to interrupts.
    -Mage Armor now increases spell haste by 10% after mage gets stunned or silenced, stacks up to 5 times and lasts 10 seconds
    -Presence of mind also increases the damage of your instant cast by 30%
    -Arcane Orb now adds a movement debuff to everyone it hits
    -Supernova now adds a DoT effect that does 20% of the damage caused over 10 seconds

    Either that or nerf the movement of druids / rogues, and nerf everyone elses damage.
    Of course the numbers I came up with are off the top of my head and could definitely be changed, just giving you the basic idea of what i think would really help us in PvP.
    i would like to post what i think the fundamental problems with the class and the respective specs are.

    First, Arcane is suffering from a few major issues

    Ramp up time of stacks is hurting the class in pvp
    Due to the ramp up time and re-rampup time, the spec has inconsistent damage output, also the way the barrage targets and releases is also hurting the damage of arcane.
    Next, Arcane at the moment is being forced to be played in talents as an ice or fire mage would and its not acceptable, as such the talents for evanescence, alter time, and imp invisibility need to come down in cooldown to be more competitive in livability to frost mage block etc.
    Lastly There is a fundamental problem with arcane missiles being kicked in pvp, this makes arcane mages not really want to cast them in pvp, and subsequently destroys the consistent damage of arcane mages.

    So if actuality if we are talking about non-innovative changes we would see something like

    - Changed improve Blast to -.5 seconds on cast time (Static) and can be cast while moving.
    - Barrage no longer consumes stacks
    - the cone effect of barrage needs to be changed from enemies with in the target of barrage to enemies in the front of the mage
    - Arcane can now store up to 6 stacks
    - Reduce CD of Arcane based Talents (evanescence, Alter time, and great invis)
    - Grant a glpyh for arcane that makes all of arcane missile damage an instant cast removing the channel (like barrage).

    Fire mage's are suffering from some major issues, but in general their damage is just not consistent enough or bursty enough to make them a big threat, as such we should look at some alteration to the way their damage is being played out. Additionally like arcane fire is suffering from CC effects.

    Change combusion works. It now grants a sort of "living fire bomb" effect. On the 5th consecutive critical strike, the fire mage releases a fire nova on the target dealing large amounts (12000 base damage) to enemies with in 8 yards and reducing their healing for 6 second by 35%.

    Dragon's breath now release a graphic like graphic (like current) that roars forward 18 yards dealing fire damage to all it passes in its way and dazing them. (this should make it a more viable cc for mages so they dont have to get in melee range). The daze effect will be longer if the targets are closer to the mage.

    Lastly, there is some minor changes that are needed...

    Blast should generate a charge of pyro every time, or atleast have a 50% chance to do so, so the fire can pressure a little more.

    Also, The range of fire nova should be extended by 6 yards.
    [Improved Flamestrike] Should be changed to a burning aoe effect, dealing damage to all enemies in the area, and stacking its damage up to 5 times, 500 damage ish dot per a stack,

    As for frost, I have two issues the first is that frozen orb needs a lower cooldown, and the second is that comet needs a serious buff in damage (near double of what it is).

    and those are how i feel about the mage class in general.
    On another note, Presence of mind is utterly useless for arcane, and it should be changed to do something altogether.

    i would really love to see something like

    "when extinguishing all of your arcane charges, your hate is increased by 20% (ie 20% actual not 20% of your total haste) for 6 seconds".

    Other options would be something like triple poly morphs when using it + poly, Slow also lowering casting speed or similar things.
    Im a big fan of haste game play, so the first thing I would change about our class is make us haste oriented instead of multi strike oriented.

    Haste has great potential for frost mages, we cast more frostbolts and we can get more icicles, more procs, and more damage done.

    The only thing holding us back is the lack luster damage of FB, and the ridiculous uptime of melee. Also I would like frost bomb to be reintroduced into our damage rotation, because it is a cool !@#$ing spell.

    So in my mind this is how it goes

    Haste = best secondary stat
    Frost bomb = buffed so that it also procs its damage off frostbolt and brain freeze, and also increase the duration as well, and remove the aoe.
    Comet storm = now procs frost bomb damage

    These few changes alone can make our class so much viable, because lets face it, the more haste you have you cast more, the more you cast the more chance of multi strike you have even if that stat is not as higher than haste. More casting = more procs and our damage problem is solved

    edit: I forgot to add my thoughts on ice nova and prismatic crystal. Basically !@#$ them they are the worst designed spells in the history of wow.
    Imo, Frost should have mastery do something like "After being frozen slots the target for X duration, and X % over 3 seconds"

    then make it so that something like 50% mastery is like

    "slows over 50% Speed, for 6 seconds"

    Give Fire Crit, and Arcane multistrike
    simple suggestion. take cone of cold off of gcd. and buff frostbolt damage

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