Has anyone purchased heirloom gears after WoD

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I am not entirely sure if this was a bug of some sort on my part but the heirloom vendors for both alliance and horde were not carrying any heirlooms that were available for purchase with gold during MoP.

Is this working as intended? Or is it not showing up because I didnt join any guild?
Pls help
For the Guild Heirlooms you must be a member of a guild of the appropriate reputation.
You need to be in a guild & of honoured reputation with them to purchase guild heirlooms.
If you genuinely mean the heirlooms purchased with gold, they come from the guild vendor, and your guild must have unlocked them in order to purchase them.

If you are instead referring to the shoulder, chest, weapon, and trinket heirlooms purchased with justice in prior expansions, those vendors were removed in 6.0. Blizzard is revamping the heirloom system in 6.1, and they opted to simply remove the vendors that used a since-removed currency rather than implement a temporary replacement. However, if you really want/need to obtain them, they can be purchased with Darkmoon Faire Tickets at the Darkmoon Faire or with Champion Seals at the Argent Tournament, just as you could prior to 6.0.

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