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I'm looking for a relatively friendly community horde side, a pretty high population and a stable economy. I don't care too much about hardcore raiding or pvp but I do both casually. I'm thinking a PvE or RP realm. Now that almost everything can be done cross realm I'm much more concerned about the community than anything else.
Zul'jin is a great realm! High pop PvE with a *decent* trade i.e. not to vulgar.
Zul"jin is a very good horde realm I will agree. I have a warlock on it & love it. Economy is great as well as the community. The community is very friendly with lots less vulgar than most of the other realms with a friendlier player base. But as with any higher pop realm. When new raids or patches hits. Be prepared for a long log in que.
Avoid Thrall server...... Trade chat is currently debating Christianity while spam linking the spell Test Tickle
Probably will go ahead and roll on Zul'jin, but let's bump this while more people might be awake.
@ OP: come to the realm you KNOW you really wanted, little WrA cousin.
Moon Guard awaits....

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