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This will be a wall of text, for those who don't care to read, there are pics at the bottom.

Last night I finally completed my goal of 100 level 100s. I started this project near the end of Mists of Pandaria, at the time of starting I had already leveled around 20 characters to max level so another 80 didn't seem that extreme. The actual playtime required to achieve this is not as massive as it may at first seem. I was able to level 2 characters at a time through recruit a friend up to level 85, this process took around 5-8 hours played, depending on group rng as well as what classes I was running at the time. I always ran a tank in my RAF leveling, which allowed me to essentially solo all the instances and move at any pace I wanted, which was usually just running forward the whole time. At level 80-82 I would random queue, if I got throne of tides I would leave (as throne of tides is incredibly over tuned for the way BOA's scale at level 80, the magic damage is unforgiving in my opinion, doesn't allow for much large group pulling) If it was Blackrock Caverns I would stay and complete it, getting me to level 82, if it was throne of tides, I would do a few starter Hyjal quests while waiting for my dungeon debuff, and then specific queue Blackrock Caverns (Specific queuing costs you about 3 bars of exp, which is why the questing is required to make up for it) for 82-85 I was run through Stonecore 4 times per set, which would keep me under the 5 runs per hour (now 10) this process took about 30-40 minutes, though could be done much faster if you have a geared friend who can help.

At level 85 I began the individual leveling process; I created 2 "anchors" (characters with the purpose of grouping with another one of my characters to bring them to my main server) on each account (one for each faction) How I went about this system is I would log onto the anchor, invite the alt that was to be leveled, log off the anchor, thus giving the alt to be leveled leader while still being on my desired realm, I would then log onto a hunter of the appropriate faction and on the desired server, I had a macro to invite said hunter to the group, I would accept the invite on my hunter jump on his 2 seater with my alt, then I would leave the group on my hunter. I would then fly my alt to be leveled to one of two locations in Townlong Steppes (63.3, 35.7 and 53.6, 64.0) which are two locations that have large groups of elites, one has 8, the other has 16. Each spot also has a rare that spawns, I would round up 8 at a time on my hunter who was no longer in the party, tag them on the alt that was to be leveled, and then kill them all with my hunter. My alt would get full experience for every kill (there is something with pets, if your pet does damage to the mobs, the alt to be leveled will actually get less experience per damage done by your pet, so you can Misdirect threat to your pet, but keep him by your side for full exp) to my recollection, one level with full rested at these spots would take 20-30 minutes, so even without rested you could power someone through in around 5 hours, I recommend hunter to do the leveling, as binding shot, Ice Trap, deterrence (unglyphed) and Misdirection are all perfect tools for the job on top of their already high aoe dps output.

After cycling through the rested on all my alts a few times, I then had my full set of level 90s. At this point there was no race, as recruit a friend was no longer relevant and I had many many months to kill before Warlords, I went ahead and did timeless isle treasure gathering on one character at a time (as most of my characters at this point were in ilvl 232 gear or nothing at all) so having to deal with two alts getting chests while avoiding mobs just didn't seem like a headache worth dealing with. Upon completion of this, most of my alts were now in a cool 440-470 item level. After completing this I still
had many months to wait for warlords, so I decided I would do weekly Celestial and eventually Ordos kills, but I was not satisfied with not being able to coin, so once every 2 or so weeks I would bring my alts to the frogs on Timeless isle, kill with a main hunter, and collect the lesser charms. I dreaded this, as it usually took 2 days of grinding frogs just to get all my alts their roll tokens. So now that I was doing Celestials and some Ordos, my gear started coming together nicely, most alts at this point had an item level of around 496-505, weapons were still an issue, some alts not even having a weapon, I decided to do Arena of Annihilation on all my alts for the 450 weapon, took about 2 days but was well worth it. After completing that, I was now sitting on item levels of around 507 averaged across all my characters, not bad! I knew that would be more than sufficient for the beginning questing (turned out to be quite overkill at the beginning) so I stopped doing Celestials and Ordos.

I didn't see much of beta, and there were no good videos on garrison information (the details that mattered to me) so I was pretty much going into Warlords blind, with no real strategy on what the best way to level was. I quickly found the "breakpoints" for garrisons, level 90 and a half to get your garrison, level 92 for the mine and profession buildings, level 96 for the herb garden, and level 100 for level 3 garrison, so this was basically my leveling breakpoints, with an added one at 98 for rested exp building. I was initially trying to maximize my gold and experience per hour as I have another goal regarding gold, but after being informed that someone else was actually beating me, I knew I had to kick it into gear and forget about gold for the time being. I have no information on who this person was, or if what he was saying on a stream was even truth. But since the third of this month I did approximately 460 levels in 16 days. My leveling was primarily done via questing and the gathering of treasures; mission experience played a huge role in rounding out the experience so that I could be stricter on my questing paths. I will explain more about missions in a bit.

The breakdown for zone times (travel time included):
Frostfire Ridge - 1 hour and 6 minutes
Shadowmoon Valley - 44 minutes
Gorgrond - 42 minutes
Talador - 40 minutes
Spires of Arak - 39 minutes
Nagrand - 30 minutes

Player Experience Missions (missions that grant experience to the player when completed) are very powerful if utilized, they grant about a bar of unrested experience (rested has no effect), I still have much to learn about mission mechanics, but from what I currently understand there are 7 possible player experience missions, the level of the missions are as follows: 90(Timed Battle) 90(Minion Swarms) 92(Massive Strike) 93(Timed Battle) 95(Massive Strike) 97(Deadly Minion) and 98.(Magic Debuff) in order to have these missions spawn, you must have a follower in that level bracket, with exception of 95 and beyond, as having a level 100 follower should still continue to spawn missions at level 95-100. From what I have seen (Needs a lot more testing to be considered entirely accurate information) the player experience missions seem to have a 2-3 day cool down, to minmax this you would want a "dead" follower (a follower without any counter for the experience missions) to sit at level 90, 92, 93 and then have a level 100 to spawn the 95-98 experience missions. Obviously it would be perfect if you get your useful followers to 100, but having your useful followers at just high enough (Magic Debuff 98, Massive Strike 95, minion swarms 90, timed battle 93, deadly minion 97) to complete any experience mission with 100% is good enough. I don't recommend using a useful follower as a mission spawner, as over time they will eventually level up and move out of their required level range to continue spawning the missions. For me to move through all 100 characters and complete/check for player experience missions took me about 2 hours, but if it weren't for mission experience my leveling would have taken quite a bit longer I believe, as I would need to do more quest chains etc. I would say mission experience accounted for a total of 1 horde level and .75 of a level for alliance on all of my characters. Unfortunately I began minmaxing mission experience quite late, and at that point had already ruined quite a few possible mission spawns, my alliance had it even worse, as all my leveling paths were created while playing horde, so my alliance really got shafted on followers, I believe mission experience to be so strong that someone could level from 90-100 with minmaxed followers in less than 30 minutes played. Given it would take months to level this way, you simply cannot beat the efficiency of mission experience, and if I am to level another 100 characters it will be done by utilizing mission experience.

My view on leveling this expansion is that it is almost perfect. I feel as if there should be more choice in the way you level out in the world, however they are on track with bonus objectives and all the treasures. When I was questing 85-90 I was finding myself doing almost the entire zone, at least the major parts of a zone, just to reach the next level bracket. Now I can pick and choose what quests I want to do (assuming rested experience), because of the vast amount of treasures and the huge bonus objective exp. I think blizzard is moving in the right direction with leveling, and I really can't wait to see the innovations they have yet to come up with yet. One gripe I have about leveling was the terrain, I feel as though there are quite a few unnecessary invisible walls, as well as just a ton of in the way things, such as vines or ravines you simply cannot get up without going around it adding minutes to travel simply because you made a wrong jump. For immersion it is perfect, unfortunately for efficiency it just gets in the way. I would love to see a way to keep the immersion while adding more ease of use to the environment (which can be done outside of flying).

I don't particularly enjoy leveling, and even less do I enjoy questing... I do however love big projects and I love learning things, as I was nearing the end of this project, I was already wondering if I could do 1000 max level characters. I love branching out from what I have learned to discover new things, figure out ways to do things better and faster, it's what motivates me to take on projects others would not even consider. I loved the journey and I am more than satisfied with the results. Thanks for reading!

Wall of text crits for 9999999999

Edit, briefly looked this over.

TL:DR - OP leveled 100 toons to level 100. OP really really needs to go outside.
Maybe you should go outside?

Just a suggestion
I had 14, 90's. 8, 85's by the end of Pandaria and it ruined WoW for me a little bit. I was so excited for WoD, but when it got here i was so burnt out on leveling, which i now had to do again, that i just can't get excited to play recently.
I'm 1/33rd of the way there, bro!
Dear God......That's like 1500 a month in wow...
Ex-squeeze me? A baking powder? 100 100s? /clap
That is amazing.
Do they all have salvage yards? They should. That is a lot of crates...
Just when you think something sounds completely absurd, there is someone crazy enough out there to do it.
So you gonna make a leveling guide, pretty please?

And yet I'm having a tantrum at levelling my 4th 100 because I want to PvP as a Warlock...


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