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Am I cute QwQ
01/13/2015 01:06 PMPosted by Kurston
01/13/2015 12:37 PMPosted by Belmiro
Worgen named "Worgasm"
DK named "SuckmyDK"
Gnome named "Dildoswaggins"

I report these. Not that I am particularly offended, but they are against ToU.

So you're the guy that reported my fashionably named bank alt Daddyfatsex.
I have a new Pally healer (or will be) called Sacrífíce. The chosen title is The Patient.
i liked one i saw once it was Pickelboots >_> i liked it what can i say
Wonder what spec I am.
How about this guy?
I like this one too.
I saw someone named Boyardee with the title Chef when I was drunk and I couldn't stop laughing
Considering my spec, it seemed appropriate.
I remember in BC seeing a Human Rogue in Warsong Gulch named Harriettubman that would only run the flag down the tunnel. I still laugh at how great it was.
Back when twinking was at its peak, I join a WSG and saw 2 little gnome rogues (level 19).

They had names of Dora and Diego with the title the explorer. Which was impressive because this was before account wide achievements and titles.

So, Dora the Explorer and Diego the Explorer. I thought that was awesome!
I have The Patient title.
I am considered quite a pain.
01/13/2015 08:16 AMPosted by Epicdemic
Just out of curiosity, what are the best names seen in wow, in relation to their class or race or both? preferably non-banning one lol ..... aaaaand GO!


Dave is the best name.
Had a gnome female tank named Crotchcleave, well that's what she did.

Female cow. Moolonrouge- best name if she could be a rogue.

Others I have seen:

Pilot of the Exodar
Private Parts
<From State Farm>
I think mine represents Goblins well.
I really need to get her to 100 one of these days.

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