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With the pretty simplistic skill set of Bears and the low dps among the tanks, does anyone(including Blizzard) have an idea what they are going to do with/for Bears? It would be really nice for Blizzard to acknowledge that there are issues with Guardian Druids and that they are looking into bringing them up.
Supposedly they are buffing/reworking our level 100 talents in 6.1. I imagine they will buff our single target damage slightly with the recent buffs to the other classes.
I just wanted an acknowledgement, either it being "yes we are fine with it" or "no we are looking into it and will provide further info later", because quite honestly i dont feel like going into brf to tank with a druid as it is. I have all the other tanks ready and available to switch to whenever needed, and the only reason i havent done so yet is because this druid has been my main for quite a while, and id hate to stop using it.
Yeah I'm sure that is what most people want to know. People speculate and guess what they are going to do but for all we know they could leave bears where they are come 6.1.

I'd just like to know if they plan on doing anything to fix our issues. And if not then I can go play an alt
01/16/2015 10:27 AMPosted by Mudkips
I'd just like to know if they plan on doing anything to fix our issues.

Sadly, we probably won't get an acknowledgement like this.
I personally dislike the Pulverize talent, but without it the class feels extremly simplistic as if it was missing a core skill (a talent should NOT be needed to fill that spot) and the other talents can't compete or feel lackluster.

I don't feel like there is my synergy with it and our usual playstyle, it seems quite the opposite, just there to make an extremly basic "rotation" more complex, but it comes out as annoying and to be honest I'd like it gone or reworked into something with more synergy, something that flows along with our rotation rather than feeling something appart from it... especially in AoE situations.

I get it with magic effects but why are we consuming BLEEDS? are we tearing our enemies into bloody bits just to heal them back up to do it all over again? It feels rather odd...

I wish we had a choice, something different to manage that fits better in the bear's toolkit, right now we are forced to use it and like it, since its the best choice and the other inferior talents do not bring that "extra something" to do.
@Dhovrak -- Would you enjoy the Pulverize rotation more if you could apply it at any number of stacks (weaker with fewer stacks, obviously), and if it did not remove the bleed? I feel like that would make sense. And I also feel that the ability should be baseline. Give us an absorb or magic damage talent at L100.
They really need to do what the devs do now on Diablo 3:

philosophies when they nerf, buff or change classes

I think the lack of information from the class balancing team is significantly harder to take than the precarious situation that bears are in right now

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