Establishing Your Outpost (Talador)

Has anyone else been unable to complete this story line? I looked and looked and do not seem to have any quests left. HELP!!!!! Ty... (IDK if this is a known bug or what, I just want it done.)
You're missing the Court of Souls bonus objective but I don't know if that's the problem.

You can go to wowhead and check what quests are left undone in Talador for you.
I'm having the same issue. I've completed 3/4 story lines for "Don't let the Tala-door Hit You on the way out." Establishing Your Outpost is the one that is incomplete. I don't have any quests in my log for Talador nor are there any in Fort Wynn. Any hints?
The impression I'm getting is that if you choose the "wrong" outpost building, you don't get the quest line needed for this achievement. In my case I chose the arsenal, and like you, I have completed all available quests and still don't have the achievement. If this is the case that is really poor design.
I just posted about this too. I chose the mage tower and completed all the quest lines and got the follower at the end. No quests available in Talador, I've completed them all yet can't complete but 3/4 chapters there. I've submitted tickets but no answers.
I am having the same problem, both Horde and Alliance, both outpost buildings. I just had my hunter do the three 3-person group quests, and that did not clear it.

All I get from Blizzard is blow-off boilerplate.

Deckadron of Gnomeregan
I am having the same problem. I also have the arsenal and can't find any other quests in the area.
Don't know if this is the same issue, but I was 3 of 4 with "In the Shadow of Auchindoun" to finish. Once I finished that, I was 3 of 4 with "Establishing Your Outpost" to finish. Strange how it marked something incomplete that I had already completed weeks ago.
first two toons I leveled I leveled before blizzzard's supposed fix to the quest chains that let you switch outpost buildings, they both have credit and the full achievement for talador (and spires) second two toons I leveled after the change did not get credit, even though they did the same exact quests as the first two.
Same here, I chose the arsenal and the Talador quests reverted to 3/4 (marking 'Establishing your outpost" as incomplete AFTER I finished "Shadow of Auchindoun"
I don't get it.
dont worry im having the same prob but idk if ya got them or not i dont have that quest and the iron approuches
I have the same problem on both my 100's. My lock completed the chapter in the first week after release but it isn't showing as completed. On this toon, I know I did it, but didn't see the achievement so I went back and finished all the Talador quest lines and never got the achievement. I doubt we are alone in this issue.
Having the same problem. Can't complete 1st portion of the quest line and followed the story.
I'm now having this same problem. Did anyone get this resolved after all this time?
I am having the exact same problem. This sucks

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