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I'd vote for Emerald Dream. And if we can't have that, how about the dwarven civil war for something completely different. NO MORE ORCS for the love of all that is holy, I never want to see another orc!
12/28/2014 12:36 AMPosted by Gabbie
i loved the idea of the dark below (everyone was raving that this would be the expansion), but i also wouldn't be opposed to more genres of WotLK as well.

Originally Azjol-Nerub were meant to be the first zone that you went down the further you leveled.

Would be a fun concept to see fleshed out now.
The moon!
12/28/2014 12:01 AMPosted by Killerarrow
Emerald Dream

it was confirmed by blizzard there wasn't going to be an emerald dream expansion
12/27/2014 11:57 PMPosted by Selastarin
What are you thinking about next expansion for? We have that year long drought to go through again at the end of this one. Silly floozie Draenei.

....says the Belf DK.
I reckon Gul'dan will survive WoD and escape to our Azeroth.
A gnome expansion!!
12/28/2014 12:01 AMPosted by Killerarrow
Emerald Dream

That's going to be a raid possible later in this expansion.
We find a heart that is teaming with divine power and....oh wait wrong series.
Expanding upon my earlier comment...

At launch, we will return to Azeroth in pursuit of Alternate Gul'dan, who escapes Alternate Draenor in order to summon the Alternate Burning Legion to our world. Coincidently, A'dal and the Naaru shall somehow allow Turalyon, Alleria and maybe Danath to return to Azeroth just in time to disrupt his ritual. After this, Gul'dan shall flee and ally with Queen Azshara. Gul'dan shall lead a reformed Twilight's Hammer, bolstered by converts of his Sargerei to unleash the fifth Old God upon the world.

While this is happening, patch 7.1 will roll in. Sylvannas Windrunner, fed up with Horde Leadership, shall attempt to usurp the world. Seeing how evil she has become, the Undead Galen Trollbane shall be contacted by Lich King Bolvar and will make an alliance with Alleria to lead heroes against Sylvannas. Bosses will include Brainwashed Kolitra Deathweaver, at least two Val'kyr, some abomination and finally a three-phase battle with the Banshee Queen, the final of which she shall fully fuse with final Val'kyr and gain black wings. With her dead, Galen Trollbane shall take over leadership of the Forsaken and the Undead shall finally be welcome amongst the horde.

Patch 7.2 will have the main plot move forward with Gul'dan enslaving Jaina Proudmoore and using her to capture Me'dan, hoping that the Guardian power inside him can be used to free the Old God faster. Jaina will become a raid final boss until Gul'dan retrieves her and completely brainwashes her in time for the final patch.

Patch 7.3 will feature Gul'dan and Azshara nearing the completion of their efforts to free the Old God. Jaina will be a Heroic dungeon boss where she shall be killed, regaining her senses in the last moment to die as herself. Azshara will fall as the final boss of either wing 1 or 2 of the final raid, Gul'dan following her in the next wing. The old god shall be a long fight and be remembered as one of the best bosses ever.

There may be a patch 7.4 to tide us over or to tie into the next XPAC, but I haven't thought that far ahead.
Just how this expansion was set up I'm sensing it has something to do with the dragons again.
They still haven't said anything about 'The Dark Side of Azeroth', I myself think it is a really good idea for an expansion.

On topic though, just like everyone else I think the next expansion would either have to be about the Burning Legion invading Azeroth or we will be sent to the underworld of Azeroth, fallen kingdoms, depths of the sea, etc.
World of Warcraft: Kharazan's Electric Boogaloo

At the end of WoD, we discover Khadgar is really Medivh, and he tries to awaken Sargeras under the sea in Alternate Azeroth. We find the lost city of Kul Tiras, that had been mysteriously shrouded under an invisible barrier, and do our best to not succumb to the boogaloo dance moves of Medivh and friends.
A pirate xpc
The next expansion could be a melding of the WoW universe, and the Starcraft universe. This could be done with the burning crusade returning, since the Dreanei are basically a high tech race, as well as the Etherals, and the Naruu. Players could learn new technological skills, and travel to other planets too. This is allowed now through the use of portals, so spaceships wouldn't be a far stretch.

The magic using classes could be treated like they way the jedi are in Star Wars, like closed off from the common populace. Melee classes would be the same, and maybe with the new skills, incorporate firearms too. I think it would a good direction for an MMORPG to go in.
12/29/2014 05:49 AMPosted by Zebro
A pirate xpc

I agree! we need a nautical- themed expansion, complete with a shipbuilding profession, naval garrisons and epic naval combat, with submarines! Bring back all the naval guys from Warcraft 2! Kul Tiras.
KJ & the Burning Legion

Leading to the Titans and/or Old Gods

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