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I've been a bear/cat since the opening of Karazhan on this toon and an alliance toon. Love it. Will never switch.

I'm 3/7 mythic and I still have a great time raiding as the bear. And any knowledgeable bear knew a thrash nerf was necessary and most likely welcomed it because on many fights, we turned into a one button spammer.

I run with a DK and 2 DK's on mythic. This was the only fight I ever outdps'd them in an aoe situation. After both class's aoe nerfs, they now completely nuke me on aoe. On top of that, I have some serious threat problems now where taunt is almost part of my rotation.

The nerf, while needed, seems lazy and overdone. I have no doubt that the developers will compensate for the awful toolkit, high magic damage taken, low single target damage, and lack of raid utility.

And that's what I'm getting at. Your brethren over at Diablo 3 started posting philosophies on buffs/nerfs. It is very disheartening that a tanking class that was feeling stale and weak by comparison got the hammer put to them without any explanation.

So I'm begging for some type of comment on the state of Guardians. There were statements made before WoD about how exciting the guardian class would be. I'm still waiting.
I want the original armor boost from bear form back.
I've never had problems maintaining threat or taunting, until now that is. I co-tank with a Prot Warrior (they received a nice buff yesterday), whom i out-gear by a few points. Last night I was having to double taunt (same cases triple taunt ) to maintain threat, or my fellow tank was having to stop DPS'ing in some circumstances until i had sufficiently pulled ahead on the threat meter.

Nerfing our DPS is one thing, but hammering out threat generation is something else altogether.

I would love to get some feedback from a blue (pretty please), before i make a decision on if i should change mains, and pick up the tankadin again.

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