Roll a hunter. Seriously.

Level 92 and already feeling much more capable in both PvE and PvP.

It'll pass the time until the PVP designers pull their heads out of their butts and fix mages.
i did.
its great.

It honestly feels more like mage used to than current mage does. have a bit less CC, but things die so its cool. Being able to take some melee damage is nice too.

exotic munitions feels like old mage armors too.
gotta sit in a lot more stuns though.

its fun to take pity on the poor mages as i kill them with ease.
Naw its cool im good.
Already did (see below), saw the writing on the wall last expansion.
For everything that isn't organized PvE raiding, hunters outstrip mages so much it's not even funny (okay, maybe a little funny).
already have a hunter at 100 and honestly its so much easier to play in pvp and retarded btw that i would rather not play it. Maybe some people can enjoy it but I have less fun just winning because my class is retarded. Got 2100 playing jungle on day 1 pretty much, meanwhile my mage is stuck in the 2k bracket playing WMP and sub RMP.

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