<MUD> (H) Casual Raiding

Guild: MUD
Faction: Horde
Realm: Garoosh-PvE
Raid Type: Casual
Schedule: Saturday 10pm ES
Recruiter Contacts: Mud#1945

Core Raid Recruitment Needs:

Mistweaver Monk
Resto Druid
Holy Paladin


Mud is currently seeking casual players for causal raiding. We do not have core teams. We have regulars who can make 75% of raids and then we have everyone else who is unsure. If you are unsure that week you simply mark yourself as tentative then show up if you can. Our policy is Life Happens First! Since you can now bring 10-30 people to Raids with the exception of Mythic this works great for a casual laid back environment. We are now asking for a minimum item level of 625 and a minimum of 15k dps on Raid Boss Dummies. This is a reasonable request.

Requirements for raiding:
Able to use Mumble and be able to listen. If you are a tank you must have a mic.(No Mumble No Raid)
Deadly Boss Mods
Can follow directions
Have Raid Awareness or the ability to learn it.
Able to take constructive criticism and advice from lead members of MUD.
Owning your mistakes and correcting them.
Able to take constructive criticism and/or advice from the healing officer and raid leader.
A good attitude and patience.
625 Minimum Ilvl 15k Minimum dps

Loot Rules

1 Main Spec 1 Off Spec Per Raid Til All Members get a chance at loot.

Respect your guild mates and Raid Members.
Do not get offended easily.
Be able to take a joke.
Be ok with an adult level off color environment.
Understand that when learning new things it takes time. Rage quitters don't come back.
Love the game beyond Raiding. If you are someone who is just going to log on to raid don't apply.

What we do?
    Saturday Raiding


    Challenge Mode

    Holiday Events

    Follower Hunting

    Answer Questions About the Game

    Provide Long Lasting In Game Friendships

    And so much more.

If you believe we are a good fit for you hit me up in game.

MUD is and always will be a casual guild. We are friends first. Raiding is simply a bonus of the plethora of things we do weekly. We will not be doing Mythic Raiding so do not ask. We are casuals and we thoroughly enjoy the game but, we also enjoy our life outside of the game. We do not take kindly to elitist. We are not a progression guild however we plan to progress in the expansion. This will be done casually, possibly with a cold craft brew, at our own pace.

MUD is the equivalent to Cheers if Cheers were a guild and Rated Mature. We grow daily to offer everyone a friend. Yet we try to get to know everyone. We want it to be a friendly environment. MUD is a place where you can take a break from all your worries.We would love to talk to you if you are a low level, high level, experienced or just starting out. We really enjoy interaction with all kinds of guild mates. Come give us a try.

Guild: MUD
Faction: Horde
Realm: Garoosh-PvE
Raid Type: Casual
Schedule: Saturday 10pm ES
Recruiter Contacts: Mud#1945

Core 1 is full

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