Another warrior mog thread

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7/10. I like the armor, but the weapon clashes hard.
8/10 , the match is pretty good but the overuse of wrathful and t6 kills me inside. (not your fault)
dont think the weapons match the armor, and i also kinda dislike the armor 6/10
3/10 it's a mess
01/25/2015 09:26 PMPosted by Zyenn
3/10 it's a mess

1/10. it's a mess
10/10 It's a mess
01/25/2015 10:17 PMPosted by Gravelord
10/10 It's a mess

6/10 Its cool.
7/10 sick
Pretty scary in a dominatrix kinda way 8/10
01/26/2015 12:50 AMPosted by Zedmis
Pretty scary in a dominatrix kinda way 8/10

7/10, the weapons don't match at all but I like the rest.
0/10 obviously a mess
everyones favorite shield/10
rest of your mog is sick though, would wear
10/10 because Femdead
ill be generous, 2/10
2/10 because same as 75% of Warriors. /yawn
0/10 because sass
20/10, no matching ugly set i am dissapoint

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