Another warrior mog thread

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I get a seedy bar bodyguard type feel from your xmog lol. It's simple but gets the point across; I actually like it. 7/10 from me!

8/10 from the thumbnail i figured it was a typical set, but gave me a solid giggle. Wasn't expecting the armorkini..
6/10 i see what you were going with for the more lavaness but i personally think it don't match well. also i know that armory doesn't like to the load the belt fully i know with mines there was suppose to be tusks on them with a shinning light in the middle.

Almost as cool as me.
9/10 not as cool as me though.
I'll give you an 8! -1 for using a very common set,-2! for not showing your beard! But I'll give you +1 for finding a belt and boots that match it nicely.
Hm, your posture in the picture is pretty ... well it makes it hard to see your mog but I think I see what you're going for. Kinda metal barbarian type look?

8/10 from me if that was it. Plus I'm using my imagination for how the set really looks since your guy is covering himself up a bit when I try to view lol.

As for me; trying something new. Going Argent soldier with this mog. Not sure if I like this one or my troll one. better. Nice and simple :) with a matching title to boot!
7/10.... its different.

I am dwarfmosh hellscream.
Wow that looks awesome 9/10. Think you need a more intimidating weapon though.
7/10, New shoulders would boost it huge.
Weapons throw me off. I know they go on your back and such but eh still
Though I still love the set. Always wanted it :(

With mine I'm really glad the Prideful armor matches the Relentless armor. I love this kind of boot / belt model rather than the Relentless ones.
9/10 I want that damn wep.

Maybe I can get some dragonkillers to take me with them on my realm.

@Blackbeard On a rare occasion i get the helmet bug and my beard emerges.

It is glorious. They need to make that a toggle for dorfs.
lol thx bro @ Geonat
9/10 great match for those purples! GJ.

Big fan of Tier 2, but the belt could use some work. I'd also look into getting a new shield, Bulwark or something equally huge and ridiculous.

Looks good but not original
I'd just go with the normal shoulders for that set
Tough to find matching boots but those are all right

I think the only boots that actually match that season were season 11 elite deathknight boots
10/10 for Just having those shoulders.

Also can I say, if you're not going to the person about you, then don't post guys =/

Hargus didn't even get a rating because of this =/

@Hargus I'll you since you were skipped: 9/10, love the set but the boots are ehh (I know there wasn't match boots for the tier but still eh imo)
@ Kenji


Nice blend of colors sir!

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