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What are your thoughts about the cast and your hopes for the movie?. I myself hope the movie portrays the atmosphere of the first war well, If it's a stupid action movie I will walk out and ask for a refund.
, If it's a stupid action movie .

If? It's almost guaranteed man. Don't get your hopes up.
Everyone will be played by Chris Metzen.

Also, Chris Metzen looks a lot like Thorin Oakenshield.
01/08/2015 05:56 PMPosted by Craneñpain
If it's a stupid action movie I will walk out and ask for a refund.

Sure you will.
My hope for the movie is that it is Epic, I mean beyond epic ... I think the story line, the characters, the history is so deep and interesting that it really has the potential to grab the attention of not just those who play the game, but to a mass market as well and if done correctly can potentially be one of the best movies of the year.

Think about all the Academy awards Lord of the Rings won. I think WoW has such a better story line than Lord of the Rings, I just hope the production quality is just as good.
I'm actually really nervous about this movie..

Not only will it be showcasing some of the characters & lore I love, but it will be letting the outside world know what warcraft is about..

So not only do they have to please us lore peeps, but they'll have to make it so people who don't play WoW won't think "wth is this crap xD?"

I'm nervous about it tbh, and I actually wish it wouldn't happen :p.. not because I don't want an awesome warcraft movie, but because it has so much potential.. for failure..
It will not be what we want, it will not be what we expect.

It will be a cinematic interpretation of the Warcraft lore we know put together in a way that can make them the most money. This means huge chunks of its depth will be missing, think LOTR and the difrence between the books and the movies.

At least its not whoring out as bad as the hobbit movies. 1 book = 3 movies ? And the book was shorter than the LOTR books by far >.<.

Edit: Not saying its going to be bad. I am saying we should all temper expectations. Its a movie not a book.
01/08/2015 06:09 PMPosted by Berronax
So not only do they have to please us lore peeps

Blizz has stated they're discarding some of the First War lore because the First War doesn't end climatically in the lore, but they need it to in the movie. So don't go into this movie expecting to see tons of accurate lore.

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