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Been thinking about leveling a mage, but one reason is to have one more toon to trap elites for savage blood. These elites seem to reset if you kite much, so a bit concerned that it will be very painful to do on a mage. I just feel squishy so far, and have no heals at all.

Just curious to know how effective mage players are finding their class/spec at trapping the elites for the barn.

I'm a bit more geared than most people, but I'm one of those nutjobs that leveled like 11 toons to 92 the first few days to unlock the level 3 barn in 3-4 days, so I have experience with the elites at a lower gear elvel.

Frost isn't bad. It's not great, but it's not bad - I highly recommend the talbuk outpust, as being able to simply run 10-15 yards and kite is a godsend. I've had zero issues with the alpha wolves resetting, and just pop at least 1 cd out of MI, PC and IV on each one.
I have no problem kiting the Riverbeasts in Nagrand as a Fire Mage. Just spam scorch and constantly run while keeping your camera turned enough to scorch behind you. The speed bonus from scorching will keep you ahead. Get them to about 40%, drop the trap and nova them before they get to it so the trap has time to arm, then let them walk over it normally.

Filled my barn with 21 earlier in about 40m-1hr and that's with other people trapping as well.
Totally do able. Other classes just do it better.
Easy as Frost, more challenging as arcane, but doable.

Having a follower with you can help.
Tip: If follower is going to die - sheep mob, reset, until you can do it right :)
Mirror Images will tank
Water Elemental will tank
Frost+Talbuk does it just fine. Pick up Ice Floes for easier handling.
12/23/2014 07:46 AMPosted by Ghobe
Frost+Talbuk does it just fine. Pick up Ice Floes for easier handling.

This. You can kite all day long like this with any mob that can be slowed. (I've soloed one of the Steamwheedle elites this way)
I have 0 problems with elites, even wolves, as frost, even when I'm not mounted. They are easily kited within their leash range if you're cognizant of the range and are familiar with kiting in a circular pattern. I've had a few mishaps now and then where they leash, but it's simply a matter of pulling again and being more careful the 2nd time. Other than hunters, I have yet to play/see a class that handles elites as easily. The lack of heals don't matter because you don't really get hit, and if you ever have an oops moment where you get smacked too hard, it's easy to hit invis and reset.
As fire I have the most trouble with the elite wolves, they rip through my mirror images like rice paper. If I crit within the first two cast It's smooth sailing, if not I have to depend on my defensives and possibly a health pot. Evanesce and ice barrier do the trick while I'm in close. I use the health pot as a last resort due to the fact that there are so many people farming elites, I can't afford the time it takes for my cooldowns to be up again while waiting. When farming the bulls I usually have to stop dps because I can kill them before they get done with my images.
I haven't had any issues kiting any of the elite mobs for bloods, they all seem to have pretty long leashes from what I've experienced. I started off with the ones that give feasts, but ended up with so many feasts I can't get rid of them so I switched to the bulls. They are farmed pretty heavily on my server so I tried the wolves and really there isn't much difference between the three.

With the bulls and wolves I usually pull them to the road and then kite them down it as long as it takes to get them into the trap health range, usually sprinting 3-4 times to put some distance between us (with the talbuk mount). I try not to rely on mirror images since the CD is long and I'd rather not wait until it's off CD to pull the next one. It helps that frost bolt and frostfire bolt both put a slow on the mob, makes kiting a lot easier
12/23/2014 06:15 AMPosted by Martyrr
Totally do able. Other classes just do it better.

You know, I think this is going to be the motto for Mages this expansion:

"Mages. Yeah, we can get it done. Other classes just do it better."

I was also worried about this. Became available after i was fully geared with every slot of my liking from 5 man heroics. Its insanely easy.
I have a Mage, Warrior and Hunter. The first 2 have a lot of problems with elite wolf, particularly when they seem to crit hit you in the first couple of seconds and the damn wolf runs around the damn trap. Soloing using a hunter and his pet is definitely a walk in the park compared to a mage or warrior. Last run I did in Nagrand I farmed 60 Caged Mighty Wolf in under 1 hour. Try grouping/partying with other wow players/characters as you share the kills. i.e. one kill gets one Caged Mighty Wolf for everyone. (not to mention double trapping) All my characters are around iLvl 650 so I would not even try on a lower iLvl 590 character unless you like to become "Road kill" or a dogs breakfast and do the grave yard shuffle. (c@#p where is my corpse!) Try making a guild calendar event or get together with some friends for farming Savage Blood, Sumptuous Fur and other valuable mats.
I find it pretty easy to farm the Elite wolves on my mage, even as Arcane. Glyph Slow with the talbuk and they don't touch me.
04/28/2015 05:56 PMPosted by Quoi
I find it pretty easy to farm the Elite wolves on my mage, even as Arcane. Glyph Slow with the talbuk and they don't touch me.
This thread is 4 months old, so it would likely have been about Mages who were barely pushing 640. Now that everyone has geared up a lot since then, and classes have gotten buffs, the elites are a joke and this thread is pointless.
Ugh, stupid necro. Got me.

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