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The only words I have left are not goodbye... They are, see you later... Until that fateful day I will look to the stars and see you there... I will continue to talk to you and feel your presence... I will live my life to make you proud...

And now we /dance...
A few final words...

I'm sorry I didn't take the time to get to know you, Mourninglory. I could tell you were a warm and wonderful person, and I truly regret not spending some time befriending you. Those who did will have a lifetime of memories to look back on and cherish.

I hope you know how much everyone loved and cared for you, and I hope you understand just how big of an impact you had on the lives of everyone you encountered.

Your family and friends have a long road of healing ahead of them; I know you're there with them, guiding them past the sorrow to a place where thinking of you brings them joy, and makes them smile instead of cry.

I didn't know you... but thank you for being you.
This is due to be locked today. I still cannot find the proper words to express how I feel. I'll just leave a copy of a message I left for her.

I miss you sweet one. I try to find the words and they just won't come.. You have impacted so many lives in such a positive way, that you've changed the world. And made it a bit brighter. Your kind words and soft spoken demeanor conveyed the empathy you possessed. You never found fault in others, and never once got involved in the drama between others that life sometimes brings.

Your values were evident in your every day life and interactions with those around you . Nothing came before family. You loved your children and husband deeply and truly. And made sure they knew , and that everyone knew it. Never once having the hubris or pride to realize that they also were blessed to have you. We all were. Magnificently and completely blessed.

Your life was a wave in the sea of the souls of all humanity and touched so many. So, so many. Those you have no idea of the impact you had. Simply by being you.

If the value of a person can be measured by the hole their absence leaves, then the bottomless void you have left in many of us speaks volumes.

You gave of yourself unreservedly and unfailingly
You gave me your friendship. And what a precious gift that was..

I will always miss you, every day. Words just fail describe.

Thank you for being who you were. There will be no other like you.

I miss ya dawtah.
Didn't know her personally, but I think she was one of the nicest and most helpful posters. We've all lost a little there, but I'm really sorry for y'all who lost a friend. Reggie and I drank a toast to her last night. Cheers, MG! We'll remember ya!
I never interacted with Mourninglory personally but could always count on her positive attitude and helpful demeanor. A real class act in an online world so full of negativity. Rest in peace, and peace to your family and loved ones
In before the Lock (also the Druid and Hunter and Shammy and DK). :)

In all of this, remember that MG thought silly was good. So go forth and be silly in rememberance of her. Only someone who embraced silly could have rejoiced in life the way she did.
I felt like I should post a few final words before the thread locks.

MG, you've touched the hearts of so many people and have done such amazing things that almost no one else could. You've made complete strangers smile and changed their moods so easily from your amazingly kind posts. From what some of your friends have said, they all considered you family because all of you were so close and loved. I, personally, which I had the honor of meeting and befriending you from what I've heard, from how I know you were one of the best people to get to know. Your kindness and support changed so many of your friends' lives and you were such a shining star in it all.

You, also, always knew just the right thing to do. You knew that family came first before everything, you always cared for your husband and children. I have no doubt in my mind that you were an amazing lover and wife, they are so lucky to have had you. You were always so strong and didn't have a single mean bone in your body. As someone said earlier, if you felt even a little bit of anger come, you would step away and calm down before returning and changing a terrible situation into a good one.

Even though I didn't personally know you, hearing of your passing hurt my heart and I looked everywhere in the forums and other places to learn what happened. All that I know if that one of the world's most shining lights is now resting, and is now dancing among the stars that hang over our head every night. I've had to hold back a few tears from seeing how many amazing things you've done, from seeing all of the love of those you cared for, and those who cared for you. The posts of your closest friends touch my heart, from the love that all of you have shared.

Mourninglory, rest in peace. One day we'll see you again where we can join you in your dance in the stars, where we can all huggle and smile with you. I know you'll continue to watch over us all. Just know you've touched so many and you'll never be forgotten, you will always be in our hearts.

Until we meet one day, farewell.
There's nothing I could say that hasn't already been said more eloquently or poetically by others. MG was a loving, beautiful human being who focused on the positive and always saw the best in people. And she inspired everyone who knew her to do the same. All who had the fortune to know Mourninglory are better for the experience, and she will live on in our hearts and in our memories.

I was never around the Customer Support forums, so I never did get to learn who Mourninglory was. But, after reading all of this, I'm sure that she was one of the most wonderful people ever. With that being said, Mourninglory wouldn't want us mourning over her, I know that she would like to see us move on, and have us remember her dedication towards this forum, and all the amazing people she was able to talk to.
Rest In Peace MG. We will miss you, but your Legacy will carry on.
The Customer Support forum was originally created to be a place where players to receive advice and direction from each other and from the Support Forum Agents that monitored it. Those who were interested in helping their fellow players found a home here, and many of you became friends to one degree or another.

I've always felt that the measure of a life can be determined by how many people that a person has had an impact on. Reading through this thread only proves what most of us already knew, Mourninglory had a positive and lasting impact on many of our lives. She inspired us to be kind, to listen, to be understanding, and to laugh.

The people we have known and cared for live on through our memories and I'm happy to be amongst one of the many that will treasure the memories that I have of one of the truly greatest human beings I have had the pleasure and privilege to know.

She will be missed but not forgotten and I will continue to strive to be kind, to listen, to be understanding, and to laugh.


I'll leave the thread open until 7 pm PST (approx 2 hours from now) to give folks a chance who may not have posted.
Those who know me, know that I don't tend to spend much time in the Lounge. That said, I wish I had, if for no other reason than to get to know Mourninglory better. She has always and will always remain a reminder of what the CS forums are all about. Helping one-another and being as kind and patient as possible in the process.

She was an integral part of these forums and will be missed sorely. Though I didn't know her well, her passing still left me with few words and a very sore heart.

To her family and friends, my thoughts and prayers are with you all.
02/01/2015 01:46 AMPosted by Scüba
And now we /dance...

One last
/moonkin huggles
for MG, who made all of us better by knowing her.
Not going to be home from work in time to post this from there.

Get the Mama Mooooooonkiiiiiiiiin!
It's been roughly a week since we've posted this, and I still can't find words to accurately convey what I want to say. Mourninglory is a keystone in our support community. She has always been very generous with her time here, helping anyone who was looking for it with compassion, patience, and a warm disposition.

"A great soul serves everyone all the time. A great soul never dies. It brings us together again and again." ~ Maya Angelou

MG, thank you for being a cornerstone in our community and binding us all in friendship. You inspire me to continue being the best person that I can be, both professionally and personally. Thank you for being a part of our Blizzard family. You are very loved, and so deeply missed. <3

One last...

It was a shock to see this posted so many days ago, and I am only finally posting now.

I did not know her very well at all, but I do know that she will be missed, by so many. She may have passed, but she will always be remembered in fondness and with love. She will always be there next to those that she has touched in her life, living through them and loving them.

My condolences to everyone close to her.
Thank you all for sharing your stories and your condolences.

In order to preserve this thread we're going to keep it locked. I leave you with the following 3 positives:

1. Mourninglory and the time that we had with her.
2. The family that we were born with and that we adopted.
3. Baby animals!
I had a special request from Bluspacecow who was previously unable to post in this thread before it was closed. He asked me to post his dedication for him.

I am one of the lucky ones that got to know this special lady. One of the privileged few to know her as a friend.

MG your sunny personality showed through every post you made (anywhere) . You always brought a smile to my dial no matter where you posted with your enthusiasm and joy for life. I’ll miss waking up after a graveyard shift and seeing you liking all the cute things on the book of face (“dwwwwwwww”) . I loved how I helped you get your Blizzcon ticket that year and how estatic you were at finally getting a ticket to go.

There’s so many things about you I’m going to miss about you and that I’ll always cherish. I don’t feel I need to go through them all here. You already know what most of them are. For the rest well you’ll always been in my heart so as long as that beats there’s time to discover them :P . As a dedication to your life this in game item the Mourning Glory Mourning Glory will have a permanent place in my inventory.

I love you and I’ll miss you my friend.

- Blu

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