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You may want to look into the whole definition of role playing.
So this is a non-RP wedding but not marrying in real life.. Sounds like we got a multiboxing player trying to marry his hand or a troll
you're not getting married

your 'characters' aren't getting married

but you want to get married in game

Go to VP and host it. Only raid members get in, so no griefing and the dungeon is GORGEOUS!

*vp=vortex pinnacle.
12/27/2014 08:44 AMPosted by Physsiik
Chul, it's only weird if you make it weird. Lol.

No, it's kinda weird. No offense.

Not to mention I don't know her nearly enough to do that just yet.

If you don't know her well enough to even entertain the idea of marriage why are you humoring her and stringing her along with this charade? This is exactly why it's weird.

12/27/2014 01:13 PMPosted by Gelgemesh
Smells like Sunday in here.

I thought the same thing but I'm not entirely sure if it's a pre-emptive Sunday thread or serious.
I... think that OP is roleplaying at real life. That is a hypothesis only.
Nothing wrong with being in a relationship in-game. many relationships in-game can turn in to real life things. I met my husband in game, in BC. In Cata he moved from TX to ID to be with me. We never did any "dating" or ceremony things in game... because we are not role players. What you're looking to do is, in fact, role playing. A make-believe wedding on a role playing realm.... Pretending you're married... That's role playing. Call it what it is. :P

...and what it is, is Digital Barbies.
12/27/2014 08:27 AMPosted by Chul
Hopefully this goes better than the in-game non-RP funeral we had some years back.

Hehe, I used to date someone who was part of that raid. They're in the videos, I think.
12/27/2014 08:41 AMPosted by Physsiik
Thauder, she WANTS irl, but I can't do that at the moment. Not to mention I don't know her nearly enough to do that just yet. I love her to death, but IRL marriage isn't exactly in my mind right now.

You and her sound 16 years old.
Only on Moon-Guard.
.. This realm scares me more and more each day. Why do my friends have to play here?
How was the wedding?
Why didn't I get an invite? #Wedding Crasher.
04/14/2016 06:48 PMPosted by Depletes
How was the wedding?

They got divorced in-game. She got half his gold and all of his battle pets.
can we all come or did we miss it ?

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