WoW keeps freezing up a few seconds at a time

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I am having an issue on a computer where World of Warcraft keeps freezing up for a couple seconds at a time then running again.

I have recently replaced the graphic card thinking it is that but it was not the issue.
I have another computer made to the same specifications that has 0 issues, only that this PC runs a 600Watt Power Supply and a 5200rpm HDD.

I played around with all the settings in game and not sure what else I could do. I am not sure if it is a Hardware issue or a Software Issue.

The PC is fairly new running AMD PhenomII 965, a Raedon 5770 card, 4 gigs RAM, a WD caviar blue HDD, air flow is good, Internal core temp at max load is 49C.

I have the a PC almost exactly same build that has no problems, almost same installed software as well.

I opened router ports, by passed norton 360 firewall for WoW, and tried as much as I could but I can't figure out why the game locks up for a few seconds at a time every now and again. (This also happened in another game called Heroes of Newerth but not in any other games) Could you please help me out? I am thinking it is a HDD issue where it needs a newer one or something.

Any suggestions would be welcomed, thank you.

Since no one's helped me out, I have some more information I still need help and I don't know what to do.

World of Warcraft would freeze up sometimes even blacking out for 6-10 seconds at a time, I suspect when it's alot of graphic processing happening. But when I alt tab immediately when I see it freeze a bubble pops up from CATALYST (ATI RADEON GPU GUI).

It says something along the lines of "AMD DRIVER HAS STOPPED WORKING" and then it goes away and things return to normal until the next freeze. I really need some help I know someone out there is a wizard of computers.

I already tried updating all ATI RADEON HD 5770 related drivers, CPU updates, but it still crashes what can I do? Can someone help me out here.

Also after playing for a very long time and eating all those black screens after several hours the computer will actually just blue screen crash.
Hm, I don't know if this is the same issue but my WoW is "stuttering" a lot. Screen freezes up for 2-4 seconds every 2-4 seconds and everything goes super choppy. No real artifacting yet though.

Checking my computer right now for temperature and things.

Edit: Had out of date driver, that should fix it.
i've had this problem since 4.0.1 and i've updated my computer time and time again i dont think it is a user issue but a blizzard issue, along with one of the latest hotfixes with 4.0.3 when you launch wow a WTF folder comes on the desktop but there was a blue post about it and that it wasn't a high priority so i'm guessing this is the same thing
While it's reassuring to see I'm not alone with this issue, I'm sorry to hear that you're having the same problems I am. Definitely appears to be more widespread than first thought. Hopefully they'll be able to provide resolution soon...
I keep hearing people talk about wow being the culprit,but in some instances it might be hardware/driver related. I just replaced blown ECS mobo with a new ECS A740GM-M. The mobo came with a driver disk but when I installed drivers from disk my sound was choppy,and video was laggy. When I went to play wow it kept freezing in intervals at the login screen and when I actually did log in game froze all 2 gether.....

So to test this out I installed D2 Lod and the same thing happened when I tried to play D2 which told me that something is goofed in my drivers/hardware,,I dunno. I experimented with drivers to no prevail,and I even tested my ram and was good. Maybe PSU going bad,I'm lost+mad. Can't find nothing helpful on web
I 'am going through a much more serious problem. I'm not sure if any of you guys have had this problem, but I'm going through a major problem with my game. I can't play with my recent character! Everytime I log in into my account and press enter to play, my computer screen blacks out and my computer freezes. Apparently this doesn't happen when I play as a different character.
I had the same issue, My WoW would freeze up every few minutes for 4-8 seconds. Then 60FPS after and even right before. My problem turned out to be my RAM, verified it by running Memtest86.

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