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Title says it all. This afternoon at 1220pm servertime I got dc'd in BRD heroic. I log in to a corpse but DC right away. I cant stay logged in long enough on that toon to get him out. I can log onto all my other toons and stay connected no problem. I'm thinking it is an instance issue..who knows. I just want my toon out so I can use him. Thank you.
You're now in Orgrimmar.
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12/18/2010 9:41 AMPosted by datth
You're now in Orgrimmar.

All I can say is WOW! You guys are fast. And a thank you to GM Xelges. Keep up the good work :)
I am too stuck in a dungeon in Black rock mountain. I walked into the instance and got dc'd immediately. I am alive but I cant stay on long enough to get out. please help
Im stuck in a dungeon in coldarra. walked into the portal, got dc'd and everytime it loads that toon it, it flashes in and out of portal and dc's within 2 seconds. cant even mash the arrow key to get away from portal.
I'm also having this issue. it's been over 4 hours and no help yet. I have a ticket in on an alt. but it looks like I wont be able to play until blizzard gets off their !@# and fixes another issue.
ikr lol. I actually found my way to the "stuck character" ticket after 2 hours. There is no approx waiting time (23 hours til someone gets back to you) lol. I mentioned ppl in threads all having same issue. Hopefully when they get to mine, they will jump on here and fix you guys up pretty quick, too.
I was told by several friends who've had stuck characters before that the stuck tickets get searched for and handled faster than other tickets.. I hope it's true, cuz Im bored out my effing mind!!!
This is the direct link where i got to choose realm and which toon was stuck, to be able to submit the stuck ticket that doesnt have the normal 23 hours waiting time til someone gets back to you. Im not sure if this link will work for you since the options on the page were my realms and toons, but it appears its their general interactive link where it will load your own stuff.

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