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Highly Rated! Woot! That white text is actually really easy to read compared to this tan colored text, hm.

@ Rollthebones - I'll try it out and stick it in the addon list, it looks pretty good just from the description.

@ Jaidev - Riptide is our most mana efficient spell (Except Healing Rain). When it's glyphed, it heals total for the same as a greater healing wave with the hot portion considered. You want to keep up Riptide on the tanks and use Tidal Waves for faster Healing Waves and crit Healing Surges.

Your spirit is listed on the Attribute area of your character sheet. You're logged out with your Enhancement set so I can't tell what it is off your website page. Switch on all of your heal gear, then take a look at your character sheet. I wouldn't worry too much below 85 about stat numbers since they'll change every level and gear shifts a lot too. Just focus on stacking up your int, spirit, and crit for 85.
Great guide, I'm looking forward to the updates, especially the gearing info. I had one question for you (or any other restos that have a good suggestion), how do you bind all your heals?

Pre-cata it wasn't hard to bind the few heals we used with Clique (lhw, hw, rt, and ch were all you really needed), but I'm now finding it difficult to bind everything. Here's how I've currently got it set up:

left click: HW
right click: RT
shift+left click: CH
shift-right click: HS
middle mouse: ventrilo talk keybind
thumb button: GHW
shift thumb button: cleanse

Healing Rain is tied to a number key since you need to target it anyway. I'm really only missing Unleash Elements, and I'm not sure where to put it. The most obvious one would be the middle mouse button, because that would free up both middle button and shift+middle button for spell keybinds. The only problem is that I've used that as my vent key for so long I'd have real trouble adjusting.

I've only been healing for a few days now, so I'm not sure if the spells I have bound are even the ones I'll be using. any tips?


Family emergency ate my time today. If I don't have gearing up tonight it'll be tomorrow.
Thank you very much for this healing guide, I get confused sometimes trying to remember which spells to use at times, so this is a welcome version.

Do you think that there will ever be a point in which getting Elemental Precision will be greatly beneficial to TC either now or in future content?


Do you think that there will ever be a point in which getting Elemental Precision will be greatly beneficial to TC either now or in future content?


Eggcellent guide :) Pretty much the closest I can get to someone skilled reaching through the computer to press the buttons for me...!
Great guide! You really put a lot of time and effort into this and it's greatly appreciated!

The only couple things I can see is, 1. Totem Timers should definitely be put in the addons section to replace your issue with SF. And, 2. (As a personal pref. thing) I noticed that not much was mentioned as far as Totemic Reach goes. In my experience, for high mobility fights, you are typically given enough time to move out of the critical mechanics, but groups tend to get spread out leaving HST as the only heal while you are moving. An incresed range for totems means you can drop HST once and be confident that it's healing everyone it should be, even with your group spreading out.

This of course is all personal preference, as some shaman rely on their groups not failing and staying grouped/ out of fire etc. ;] It just seems that increasing the survivability of your group as a whole is slightly more important than increasing just your own survivability with Ancestral Swiftness.
Forum ate me post! D:

Goombella - TC is already situational enough, there's no reason to gut Enhancement bonuses to improve on it. It's a bonus if it happens and you'll still gain mana through passive regen and LB's low cost if you miss.

Fiestyhippo - Give me your gear. x_x I don't need help to say as much as some time to sit down and do the guide. I'm still stuck in the heroic farm phase and now I'm being prodded to level my tank back up to 85.

Dcoi - Yes, I'm going to look at TT; again, time is an issue. Totemic reach isn't really necessary with good totem placement and group communication - if it comes down to it I'd rather eat the mana cost to move my totems than burn two talent points. If it's enough of an issue to warrant two talent points you may want to look at Major Glyph - Totemic Recall as a temporary band-aid until you master totem placement, but you don't want to keep that there for long since your third glyph slot is basically your situational swap.
Bye, Shaman Friend! Hai, Totem Timers! :D

ETA - Okay. SF? No. Totem Timers? Yeaaaaaahhhhh. ^_^ Addons edited.
BUMP BUMP BUMP, this guide helped me SO SO SO SO much. GM's, why haven't you stickied this? Thank you to the original poster, Secretgarden!!!!

I was pretty decent in WotLK. We did 11/12 Hardmodes and got our drakes... then Cata comes out, I stack the heck out of haste and try to spam expensive heals and I'm suddenly complete fail. This guide fixed me right up and now I'm happily farming heroics trying to gear up a bit for raiding.

Thx again, I can tell you put a lot of time and thought into this.
I've been waiting a long time for a clear cut post on our stat priorities, and I am relieved to see that your post has covered a vast amount of information.

Granted I didn't read much of it, but I can tell you put some work into it. Amazing guide.
Because I obviously hate all of my readers and am a horrific, lazy person, I left home without posting my gearing guide.

Or it could be that I was busy packing/partying/finishing stuff at home and then was busy unpacking/partying/getting sick/repacking upon getting to my destination. I'm digging up my file with the post and tweaking it so that I can post it. And, yes, it's the latter rather than former that was/is the situation, and no, stomach flu is most certainly not fun and having my head in the toilet prevented me from getting to a computer and posting.

As a note, I'll get back to my house probably Monday, followed by the standard unpacking/gaming/working phase, so no updates for a few days most likely.

Where's my sticky?
A few things I feel would be helpful, although I'm not certain they lie within the scope of this thread:

1. For the "Specific Dungeon Encounters" section, at low gear levels Lady Naz'jar's Diseases can be extremely irritating; it may or may not be helpful to mention that if possible, a friendly Ret Paladin or something can cleanse them to save your mana.

2. I'd personally like to see a gear guide in this thread, although it may go too far beyond its scope. Maybe just a brief, rough "BiS Pre-Raid" section for people to reference.

Great post!
I was hemorrhaging spirit but I was doing maybe as well as a lvl 70 against LK. The lack of regen was to the point of crippling. What was going on? I gave up on healing for the simple fact that my heals are not big enough and my heals are way too expensive for how slow my regen is.

I was at 3200 mp5 (food/elixir/party buffs), so I'm really out of ideas as to why I was doing so poorly (mostly 333 gear, is that an issue?). Am I supposed to rotate mana tide in as much as I can, every CD? is ~80k mana too low?
Gearing Guide up! Which is .. a weird gearing guide, because Shaman are really play-style based and because of reforging, you can get identical stat values with different pieces of gear. However, I still need to do a trinket guide, and that's going to have to wait until tomorrow. EDIT - And yes, the trinket guide is a static Item A, B, C, because of LJ mathing out what's best for regen. I will have them listed by exactly what is best, because everyone will want these trinkets.

@ Glotz - good ideas, will post.

@ Cozzene - Oh, noes! Post on your toon and let's take a look at you. If I don't see anything in your talents or gear then I'll prod your specifically some more. In the meantime, read through the guide and see if there's anything there to help.

@ Limpo - I am such a macro noob it isn't even funny. Hugs to you! Also, can I configure #showtooltip to show a specific tooltip? NS/UE aren't the spells I want to show and from my understanding of the macro language that's what the code will pick.
Thankee! I get oddly OCD about my actionbars at times and wrong tooltips irk me.

Also, I've been highly rated for (most) initial posts! Yay! Updating a bit, moving some stuff around, and linking to several threads (Elam and Jynus really deserve more credit than I gave them for some things.)

Edit: I just caught that. Lulz.

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