Back to the game after two years out.

I've been away from WoW since right before WotLK came out. I must say I'm a little overwhelmed trying to readjust to WoW right now. I'd like to play a mainly PvE style while leveling to 85, but also think I'd like to learn how to tank.

Most of the tanking threads I've found that deal with post 4.0.1 deal with lvl. 85 builds or 80-85. I'd like some advice on how to get started from 70 where I'm currently sitting. I have junk DPS and Healing gear but I'm sure I can pick up most of what I need while questing and focus on good gear once I level cap.

Thanks in advance for any advice on helping me adjust to WoW again.
I am literally in the identical place, quit just before wrath came out and it's insane trying to readjust, I have no idea what's going on. Just wanted say you're not alone, sorry I can't offer any help :P
I just came back after 14 months off. It took a week or so but I am now starting to get everything back and getting used to all the changes. Just level to 85 as prot. You will kill stuff plenty fast and you will learn what everything does that way. - That will get you started for talents.

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