Is Ret really that bad?

Is it really as bad as people say it is? I want to level mine but from what im reading...i dont.
Meh... I wouldn't listen to the people who say it is "fine"
I prefer using Prot to level. When I was lvling in Dragonblight, I was having little trouble with dealing with 74 elites by myself.
I love ret, don't know what these other fools are talking about.
Yep they are bad. What makes me mad the most is the cool down on Crusader Strike. templars verdict
Ryyl is the kind of paladin that holds back improvements to our class/spec saying it's "fine" wont get things changed for the better.
No...I'm the kinda guy that makes the best of what's handed to him. If everyone did the best they can under the circumstances and not complain 24/7 (like the Teabaggers, lol), we'd be much better off.
I'm making the best of what we have currently but you can't call it "fine" when it is clearly not.
Prot is in a good place. If I had a spec to recommend out of any Pally spec, it's prot.
ret= waiting for one of your melee attacks to do something and get owned while waiting
Yea, ok, keep on being a baddie.
Yeah ok, keep being what keeps the spec as a whole held back.
12/18/2010 9:21 PMPosted by Allíe
Yeah ok, keep being what keeps the spec as a whole held back.

A majority can't get a response from Blizzard but one little person can hold the spec back?
No, it is all the rets who say "ret is just fine how it is, you're just bad" who are holding the spec back, you are one of them.

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