Is Ret really that bad?

It's just beta. We'll see when it goes live.
It's live. We'll see how it is when your 85.
Your 85. We'll see how it is when your geared in dungeon blues.
Your in dungeon blues. Lets see how it is in T11.
And it goes on.
You're in T11, let's see how it is next xpac.

Leveling as ret wasnt exactly the most fun ive had in cata but besides survival it was slightly faster than prot leveling. while leveling my damage was 3-8k single target from lvl 80-85 but its doable. To summarize what im trying to say the leveling wasnt all that bad czn use improvements but now at cap our inconsistant damage isnt gonna get us far in heriocs nor pvp.
^^ Or keep us in a raiding spot in a top end guild.
face it, ret pallies have lost thier glory, time to reroll an Op feral druid or mage
on average i can pull about 12-13k dps in a boss fight. im also ranked number 7 for gear.
and thats if i get all my HOL procs and Art of war
12/18/2010 9:36 PMPosted by Ryyl
Majority means nothing, and not everyone is complaining some people are posting constructive possible fixes. but I guess trying to be constructive = complaining no matter what.

Please tell me how waiting for procs and a lot of dead time in between CS cooldowns and TV is complicated?

A lot of dead time, yea right.


GG... Dead time my ass.
dead time is dead time spent waiting on a silly RNG proc. there is a lot to be done in 1-2 seconds

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