Light of The Dawn and You

Hi mate paladins! Id like your advice on light of the dawn.

I personally dont like this skill so much and i wonder if there is any better place to use the talent point. At the moment i just dont feel the healing output of that skill and due to the fact that i find myself using a lot of WoG and it uses holy power aswell i usually don't have enough for LoTD.

Is that because i am not 85 yet or because im just doing wrong? I am also very PvP oriented but due to the fact that i am speccing protection in secondary i wonder if i will need LoTD in Pve or is just useless.

Thanks in advance for any answer.
It's our only aoe heal really. The other costs a ton of mana and is garbage unless people are stacked right on top of you, ie you telling them to stack because it seems like no one does it on their own.
Yeah that's right but atm i heal only like 3k-5k with it, does this change later?

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