Time Warner Instance Load Screen Hanging

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01/28/2011 7:30 AMPosted by Lonari

If you're wrong, will you pay for my next month of WoW?

If I'm right will you pay for MY next month of WoW?

Sure, just send me your email and password!
01/28/2011 6:50 AMPosted by Lonari
Trust me, this only happens on Tuesdays. It's going to happen this Tuesday as well, and people will be here complaining again.

I ain't played in like 2 weeks, cuz this has been broken for me and I could spend my time being frustrated over real life bs instead of this bs. If Tuesdays are gonna be the only day with problems its still better than every @#$# time I try to do a random. Besides wows usually pretty sketchy on patch days, anyone remember when ulduar hit? That was a mess.

Cool its working for me ran 3 roics the other night. Disconnected on log in though, only once and then it let me in. Hopefully it'll stay fixed and I ain't gotta be back puttin up a stink.
I'm also having prime time issues with being DC every five seconds (during prime time...of course...) and horrible lag spikes almost everyday for the past 2 weeks. We've called BHN (Bright House Network) relentlessly complaining about said issues.

When we finally convinced them it wasn't the router or modem, but in fact lost packets on their end they sent a tech over...
The first thing he (the tech) said was "Oh you guys are gamers huh? (I'm suprized the many game boxes and posters gave it away /sarcasm)...

Then, he started poking at my modem even though we already established by many means previously that this was not the problem, at which point I asked if him if they (BHN) throttled or not, to which he said it depends on what it is...He then trailed off and said he had no clearence to check where the packets were dropping from.

What a waste of time! He seemed like a complete lazy noob, so I don't know if he even knew what throttling was so I am not sure to take that as a true statement or not.

In any case, we of course called failhouse again, and because they are so sick of hearing from us, they forwarded us to the top lvl tech, who then said yes, I see your packet loss....So, they sent another tech guy over the next day who mainly talked on his phone and smoked cigs on the side of my house thinking I wasn't paying attention.

He replaced two small cables came back inside and claimed to have re done ALL of them ...which course I called him a liar, because he did not (I was watching him.)

We then called BHN and made sure to tell them about their trust worthy productive worker to whom they defended to the teeth, and yet the same problem remains during certain times (mostly prime time and on a few rare occasions during the afternoon)....

Also, we pay for turbo 20mb down and 2mb up...We NEVER get anywhere close to 2mb up, but for some reason get 30 mb down during the day, and only like 10-15 durning prime time, and they have sent many techs to "fix it." Obviously they fail and won't give you what you pay for.

If you guys have Fios in your area I would jump ship if you can. Sadly, the only alternative in my area to BHN is AT&T who don't have Uverse in my area, but will give us up to a whole 1.5mb down and not even 1 mb up lmao..Oh, and then there is satelight, but I'm not even going to go there.

Edit*** Everything is acting normal for me now...
I am experiencing the same thing, I am new to wow, I am getting ready to dump it and move on if this isn't fixed.

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