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Same here. Kansas City, MO with Time Warner Cable.
Whoa, that's crazy. I'm Time Warner Cable in KCMO too. Hope they figure out the problem
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le bump
Still waiting on a resolution after several weeks and threads. Has any real progress been made, at least?
01/01/2011 3:09 PMPosted by Uthor
Central New York also on Time Warner.

I continue to have this problem. I use Time Warner Cable as my ISP,

Also, Central NY, Time Warner Cable.

I'm having the exact same problem. My ISP is Central NY Time Warner Cable.

Same issue

TWC central new york.

OK this is weird.

<- Syracuse, NY with Time Warner Cable. Having EXACT same issue. Very long load screens (fine elsewhere), many times into a DC.

Let's all get together for punch n pie!
My fiance and I are having the exact same issues. We use Time Warner in Lincoln Nebraska. Very hit and miss. But also very annoying as it takes a good 10 minutes to get out and get back in when this happens. We are lucky to run with guild groups that understand we are having these issues but it is getting old fast.

This weekend doing VP on heroic, every wipe I got stuck either when releasing or zoning back in. And like others have said sometimes if I let it sit it'll finally load in but ping will go from 100ms to over 1500 and I can't do anything but read chat at that point and have restart any way.

We both have very different machines but run through the same network.

Seems like the Time Warner issue may not have been as resolved as they thought.
Bumping (yet again) so others can see this and to get a Blue response.
Rochester NY here. TWC(Road Runner) problem not solved in any way. heroics are nearly unplayable.
12/19/2010 9:10 AMPosted by Anikandy
Hi, I've looked through many threads with similar issues and have tried many of the 'fixes' including but not limited to http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/1020824261.

It's been more than a week now so I figure I try posting this and see if someone has something that works.

My game runs perfectly fine outside of any encounter of a load screen. Any time a load screen occurs there is an arbitrary chance that the game will just hang, I might even hear the sound effects from the next zone but it would be stuck at the load screen. During general play it's not an issue, and dungeons are fine until a wipe occurs which involves having to encounter the load screen when corpse running. It's especially 'unplayable' and annoying when trying to do arena matches because of how frequently a player has to encounter an unreliable load screen that could potentially cause yet another forced alt-F4/relog.

The hang basically looks like a load screen with the blue progress indicator completely filled.

This persists even when cleaning out the WTF Interface and Cache folders. As well as on fresh reinstalls of the OS and game itself on multiple computers.

Being that every test has been done on the same internal network, I understand someone would be quick to blame a router. If you're going to blame my e1000 router, tell me about some PROVEN settings on it that cause this kind of issue.

I am Having exactly the same problem. My game runs fine, latency good, framerate excelent, everything goes correctly until I have to zone in/out to any dungeon, raid, BG, arena, etc... The loading bar just hang there. One time I left my computer for 15min there at the loading screen to see if at any point it would zone in correctly but when I came back the game was still at the loading screen. Generally I close the game (alt+f4 / ctrl+alt+supr) and enter again and it works fine again until I have to zone in/out. The problem does not occur always but it is very often like 65% of the times I zone in/out.
Recently I had my own thread involving almost this exact issue, the only difference is once I enter the game it runs normal. The problem is I CAN NOT LOGIN!! Since Anvilmar server went down Dec. 22 for maintenance I have played maybe 4 times....3 of the times were from trying to login for hours (2+ hours) at a time, and 1 time was second try. Ever since then I cannot get in at all. I have been back and forth with a Blizzard Tech over email for the last 5 days. The only suggestions he could make were issues revolving around my computer. I too have run every test, updated all my hardware, and been on the phone with my isp 3 times running tests with them...my system and connections all pass any tests.

Is it just me or does this issue seem to be getting very little attention from Blizzard, yet if you search the forums there are thousands of people having this issue. I will be suspending my account until I see any updates in patch files or forums.

Good Luck Gamers!
I have the same issue.
This is happening to me and my girlfriend both playing amongst 3 different computers. It is also happening to a friend of mine living in a different state at his home. This needs to be addressed. I can't tell you how many times I have missed dungeon queues and pvp queues, rated matches included.
Yup! Whenever I choose a character and click log in, the loading bar (with the fancy pictures and such) comes up. The bar then gets to full, stays there, and will not load up wow - then I have to ctrl + alt + delete out. This has been happening to me since I came back to WoW 5 days ago. Will take me anywhere from 15-45 attempts to log-in before it gets me past the loading screen. Kinda... Kinda remembering why I quit the first time...

Comcast cable. Lakeville, MA.

Tried EVERYTHING you have suggested.
back to page 1. Same issue still occurring.
bump till we get this issue affecting alot people fixed
yeah, pretty much what my threads been saying for about two weeks now.

nice, isnt it?
Bump for the thread that most accurately describes the problem I have been having since the release of cataclysm. I do not have login hangs/disconnects, I do not have random DC's with no lag, I am always able to log in to a character from a fresh restart of WoW.

Realm: Kargath
Battlegroup: Vindication (since I seem to be connecting to other realm servers in the battlegroup during LFD groups)

Thread participants by battlegroup and Datacenter
Anikandi - Vindication - Chicago
Preskool - Rampage - Chicago
Baean - Ruin - Chicago
Andara* - Whirlwind - Phoenix
    (*Symptoms do not match thread context, describes load disconnects between zones, i.e. tram; total of 3 times, this thread is for LFD/BG loading screen hangs/DC's, I run upwards of 3 times a day)

Nezzaku - Vindication - Chicago
Zyndy* - Emberstorm - Phoenix
    (*Wrong thread, user cannot logon at all)

Eiluria -- Trolling
Vodkuh - Vindication - Chicago
Carpecervisi - Rampage - Chicago
Failbait - Bloodlust - LA
    (says "very similar"; only the last couple days and ties it to a lowerping service /shrug)

Anario - Rampage - Chicago
Biohazard* - Rampage - Chicago
    (Wrong thread; user cannot log on at all)

Gentle - Shadowburn - Chicago
Cinnabons - Vindication - Chicago
Dominor - Rampage - Chicago
    "Bump... I've been experiencing this exact issue since Cata launched.
    Not shortly before.
    Not shortly after.
    Midnight, launch day" - this is the thread

Cloud - Shadowburn - Chicago
LopSop - Vindication - Chicago
Goatsy* - Vindication - Chicago
    (* Wrong thread, cannot log on to one character)

Awlnatural* - Cyclone - LA
    (*wrong thread I think "arbitrarily DC while playing" )

Krotus - Ruin - Chicago
    (Not sure about this one)

Killrog - Bloodlust - LA
Gotyerback - Cyclone - LA
    I think he's talking about general loading not random dungeons

Bonechewer* - Reckoning - LA
    (*Wrong thread, can't log on to a single character)

Kanterson* - Shadowburn - Chicago
    (*I can't tell he quotes the sticky, but the sticky doesn't match the symptoms)

Baffledz - Vindication - Chicago
Astareth* -
    (*Wrong thread, user cannot log on at all)

Devany - Vindication - Chicago
    Not sure

Neofalcon - Rampage - Chicago
Sibrina - Vindication - Chicago
Mec - Shadowburn - Chicago
Shadowstryke - Ruin - Chicago
Orf - Nightfall - NY
Uthor - Rampage - Chicago
Tigerlilly - Vindication - Chicago
    Not sure

Sonofsab - Bloodlust - LA
    Not sure

Auren - Ruin - Chicago
Elwara - Vindicatio - Chicago
    Not sure

Ohlreic - Ruin - Chicago

I'd keep going but I think it's pretty obvious where I'm going with this, almost all the users who have the same symptoms are tied to the Chicago Servers. I'm pretty sure that the few that aren't are posting in the wrong thread because they think their case is similar somehow.


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