What I love about cata (Ret pally pov)

Okay so...

During Wotlk there were loads of ret pallies.
Whether good or not there were so many ret pallies
that the number was similar to hunters

However, it seems like after cata
there seems to be a huge transition for us ret pallies.

I played 4 classes (DK, tank warrior, Restro shammy and pally and was fairly good at it)
Before cata ret pally was pretty simple
just press all the keys you can press and raid awareness
Simple as that ... and still you get a fair amount of dps.
after cata I believe that ret pallies became one of the hardest classes to play well.
There are so many things going on and the tools blizz gave to us is quite abundant
it's sometimes hard to even keep up with everything.

So what ret pallies can do?
1. DPS
2. CC
3. Interupt
4. Stun
5. Lay on hands (Keep someone from dying)
6. 1 min aoe heals
7. 2 kinds of buffs and several aura (Where each classes have 1-2 buffs)
8. Cleanse
9. 45 % movement speed during combat which is tremendous
10. taunt so that you can sometimes help out a tank

Pally right now is so flexible and can do so much stuff if you really look into it
Also while during boss, the priority system and always keeping track of
inquisition buff timer really makes pally dps challenging.
(For those who complain... do you know how useful the skill [Divine Purpose] is? and how the judgement and holy wrath can go in between CS cd?? )
I believe out of 4 classes ret pally was one of the classes that required most study and time in cata to be good at.
(Although I'll have to agree that pally aoe isn't that great compared to other class aoe)

So ... What I love about cata?
I just love how there's a huge wall between good ret pallies and bad ret pallies
(good thing pallies aren't called abundant kid class anymore :) )
If you use your class well and just use the strength of your class
then topping heroic dps isn't an issue...
(While writing I ran Heroic HoO and did 17k dps when I poped cd and
14k dps in the end, there was a hunter and a warlock in my group - I did all the interupts as well)
Well as I said above
I love how pallies aren't infamous for kids playing alot rather than it's more of a skill
and a class that needs lots of study and time to play well
or else you'll end up sending an email to blizzard complaining about how
badly nerfed your class is.

P.S - I'm not writing this to brag myself but it's more like a post trying to counter argue the ones who spam on pst complaining how bad pally dps is... it's NOT
you suck, just admit it. If you play well then the word nerf won't pop in your brain so easily.
(When cata first came out and I first ran the Throne of tides, I was shocked and I was hopeless because of ret pally's new system and I was pulling the lowest dps... I went up to the forum and youtube to find out what my problem was and practiced my dps hitting dummies... I mean rather than complaining and doing nothing with your class I'd rather find the problem and try to fix it, because in my inexperience ret pally right now doesn't have any problem at all - aoe dps is a bit of an issue but can't do anything about it right now :S

While writing this post I ran Heroic HoO
and at the final boss I got
18k when I popped cd and 14k when the fight ended...
(there was a hunter and a warlock that pulled 10k dps each)
Is ret pally still bad now? ^^
You know, I didnt read all of that but got the jist of it. Just gonna say two things. Cata ret is no harder or simpler than Wrath ret. No, its is easier because now the buttons glow telling you what to push. Secondly, the fact that they messed up the spec so badly that people are abandoning a spec they've played for years is NOT a good thing. What does it matter if the majority of people play your spec or not? Does it make you feel like less of a special snow flake?
Ret is easier? lol
you make me laugh ... ret is harder man
now you need to use your brain alot which some people lack I guess :)
Maybe the mechanic looks easier but using the flexibility of the class
and blizz popping lots of stuff in our class

Pally right now is a class that requires a complete class knowledge to be successful

and why I'm saying abandoning is good?
maybe you haven't played wotlk where there were loads of pally
who just played because they looked cool or something and absolutely had no
raid awareness and stuff

and now when ret pally is harder and stuff
those who are good ret pallies generally are skilled players (so far I've seen)
and makes me trust them more rather than
pallies bashing into defile during LK in wotlk

just love how people like you who don't think and just get tempered

"What does it matter if the majority of people play your spec or not? Does it make you feel like less of a special snow flake?"
- I just lol'ed at this by the way because of your lack of comprehension. People like you always go on trade and troll alot saying nonsense
Look up "anecdotal" in the dictionary. Also, your list of achievements is pretty weak for a supposed expert. I think I'll give a little more weight to what top raiding paladins are saying if I want anecdotal evidence.

Which I don't. Soon enough we'll have meaningful data on how paladins are stacking up in raids and pvp, and then we can assess. Until then, stories, which may or may not be true, about how awesome or horrible one paladin did in an instance are pretty much meaningless.
used to play my restro shammy in wotlk content
and swapped to ret pally in cata
(mostly because my shammy was better geared than my shammy and I wanted to focus more on the geared and just one toon)
wotlk achieve is not on this toon atm :(
Ok I've read some more of your posts in these forums. Sorry I fed such an arrogant troll. And fyi, I played ret back in BC when there was hardly any and during Wrath when there was a ton. Didnt feel special in BC and didnt feel less special in Wrath.
I'm not the best Ret out there and probably never will be, but I have played one as my main since BC. Every class has individuals saying they are either great all the way down to being horrible but Ret has always been the Red Headed step child except maybe for the early part of WOTLK.

I don't know what the Min/Max people say and honestly I don't care, but I do know that for me Ret play seems way off. In my opinion it all surrounds the Holy Power mechanic and Crusader Strike which makes playing Ret less than enjoyable.

It's of course a personal choice, but for those of you that are Ret masters you might want to layoff a bit on those of us that have issues with Ret. Just because we dont spend hours researching or Min/Maxing our class doesnt mean we cant comprehend how the class is supposed to be played or have an opinion as to whether or not Ret is a broken or perfect class.

My two cents on the status of Ret, it's as bad if not worse than BC.

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