Spectral Saber Worg

where in storm peaks does the rare Spectral Saber Worg spawn at?
It's name is Skoll.
ok where does skoll spawn? and do i need to kill other beasts for it to spawn.
thanks haha yeah night elves are too tall lol
if i use silver dragon add on does it matter what part of the map i camp for it to notify me?
lol well i guess ill alt tab and pay HoN lol!!!
I used an add on named NPCscan/NPCscan overlay. It highlights your map so you can see where they spawn/pat at. Also, if you happen to run near it it automatically targets it and makes a sound.

I have found 5 different spirit beasts using it.
oh nice thanks bud
Use NPCscan it is loads better, just make sure you clear your cache everytime you play.
Yes, it matters where you are or go.

I found mine because I did "one last pass" to check the northwest spawn point before leaving the zone. BING BING BING! And he was mine.

Wowhead or other game websites will show you where he spawns: one point north of Valkyrion, one south, and one north of Brunhildar Village.
Check out the huntsmen lodge, Will show all spawn locations. It will give you all the info you need on Spirit Beasts spawn locations. I myself would love to have one, but I have known people who have camped in certain spots for 16 hours before getting one or killing one.
It borders on an Obsessive waste of time to me, as cool as they are to have or kill.
In my experience Rare finder works better.
Arcturis is a spirit beast bear in grizzly hills and only has one spawn point, might be easier for you to kill that one.
Also at the Abandoned reef, there is a spirit beast named Ghost Crawler that has 1mil hit points, level 85. Probably low camp traffic on that one as well and it's a small place.
Have fun making hunters cry.

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