Prot pally and reputation gaining

I am trying to look through the various reputation standing that can me tabard increased and can't decide which one i should boost first. Have any prot pallies actually run sheets or done some hard figuring to determine which one would lead to the best gains?
the order i did

earthern ring

went pretty smooth for me. but it really depends on which 346s u get to drop in ur heroic runs/
I'm getting the damn bracers from Ramkahen first. Bracers seem to be the hardest upgrade.
earthen ring gets you the dodge/stam helm enchant at revered.
I'd do Earthern Ring to Revered, then Therazane to Exalted; doing Therazane dailies every day.

Why? This nets you the head and shoulder enchants. You never, ever know what drops or items you'll run into during the grind to Exalted. Maybe you're going for those bracers....... and get something equal or better before you get them.

The enchants, however, are useful the entire expansion.

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