Pallies should be Gold.

Yes they should. Not Pink. Gold.
Look at your entire hotbar. Look at those abilities.
Most of them are yellow and/or golden. Gold.
Who has Gold, right now? Rogues have Yellow, Druids have Orange.
None of those colors for those classes make sense.
Fix: make rogues olive-ish, for poisons!
Fix: make Druids a green other than Hunter, because they are nature-y.
Green or brown is nature-y, but Warriors are brown, because they like meat.
Why are Warriors not red? Hmm.

Death to Pink!
The colors make sense and have been used for a very very long time why change things now?
Actually, I was thinking Silver.

Knights of the Silver Hand and so forth.
But I like pink...
i like pink
Pink is for the best.
I'd be really displeased if I had to adapt to a new color scheme.
The hills run pink.
Real men wear pink.
Pinky swear?
I tend to think of Reservoir Dogs when it comes to class colors.

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