Warlocks best pve leveling build.

I recently came back to wow and was wondering what the best build for leveling was. I have been focusing on Demo but have been told affliction was a better tree. What is your idea of the best leveling build? Please post your tree for a reference.
Basically, you need to decide how you'd like to level up.

Destro hopes to kill things quickly before they reach you

Demo uses powerful demon as a meat shield while you burn the enemy down

Afflction slowly drains the life out of enemies, meaning you need to keep them away using fear or other things

there are arguments for each, but I recommend using demo. It is the easiest to level with hands down. It has an oh crap button in metamorph, a strong meat sheild, epic aoe, and more cc than affliction. As demo, you can group up a dozen enemies, pop metamorph+felstorm and mow them all down. Can't do that in the other specs. but it's your preference.
I agree for Demo as well, I use demo in 5 mans atm, for CC with Felguard's Felsweep skill and my Rain of Fire with a good tank downs everything fast, also helps when you get the tallent raising infernal's and Doom Guard's time and reduced CD is also helpful for those long boss fights. Just my thought on it though, when I hit higher up I'll role Destro for higher dps.
All guides and "help me" posts aside, I'd recommend Affliction until 80 (or 78 - not sure when Vashj/Hyjal quests are available since I was 80 when Cata came through) then switching to Dest once you enter Cata content. Why? Apply DoTs to 3-5 mobs, Drain Life and Siphon Life take care of keeping you alive. Demo has Hellfire of course, but the range can be..bad and not being able to reach Siphon Life for some healing during the Hellfire cast can cause unneeded deaths, unless you're using Void for the bubble instead of Felguard. (Is unneeded even a word? Errr..). Rain of fire (in my opinion) is a joke for AoE damage in comparison to Hellfire, and burning down 1 mob at a time with Immolate > Chaos Bolt > Conflag or Soul Fire > Immolate > Conflag is a bit tedious.
i used demo for aoeing packs with meta/iaura/brostorm till i got demon soul, then destro with vw for the burst and swapped threat

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