Rolling my next alt. Which spec and why?

Title says it all. Next in my long line of alt's rolled has finally come, the paladin. So, what spec do you think is good for leveling[soloing mainly] and isn't too bad at early bgs? A reason couple with your answer will totally fill my <3 container
Ret has always been the way to level, but with recent changes Protection may be better. Both of these gets Word of Glory to heal with, though retribution will get Crusade to bump up holy light after you kill things. Protection takes less damage, and tends to do similar damage to retribution sadly. Long arm allows a mid level ret pally to get around a bit faster, and the 30 yard judgement is also nice for leveling. Its really a toss up between these two, though I'd recommend ret.

Avoid holy, it's decent in PvP obviously but sucks at solo questing.
Why on Earth would you make a paladin now of all times. You'd be better just waiting until we (hopefully) get fixed. Although prot is alright atm from what I hear, holy and ret are looking pretty bleak.

On a side note, if you had asked this question in bc or wrath I would have said definetely take ret. I used to 29 twink on this char as ret and it was AMAZINGLY fun. A perfect blend of skill and ease. But as that time is passed, I'd again advise you to stay away.
In my experience, protection is excellent for solo leveling. You will also have an easier time making the transition from soloing to instances with a protection paladin because people need tanks. Avenger's Shield and Wrath of the Lightbringer allow you to deal as much damage as a retr ibution paladin early on (if not more).
Roll prot.
You won't find a single group quest you can't solo.
You can tank queue when you need, or just solo the instance. (Can't do that past about 50 or so)
PvP is fun, you don't die and vengeance makes being a flag carrier lots of fun.
You will kill mobs just as fast as ret.
You will self heal better.
You will wonder why anyone would ever play ret.

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