Holy Paladins Pos-nerf... How u doing?

12/19/2010 8:15 PMPosted by Aani
Still OP
IMHO the nerfs make playing a holy pally more fun. I mean honestly how many of you dont get totally bored out of your mind when healing was easy? Maybe some of you play for relaxation and you want to be put to sleep while playing. Personally I find it much more fun and exciting that I have to scramble to push more buttons. Does it mean some people die and maybe there might even be a wipe every once in a while? Sure but again that is more fun than knowing there is no way anyone is going to die because your healing is so OP.
P.S. You don't need healing addons. Just l2keybind & macro.

Yes, because mouseover macros are completely different from what addons do. Absolutely.

But to truly be elite, you should turn your monitor off, learn everyone's voice in vent, and heal using the function keys to target.


Anywho, its fine. Its ok running with your guild because, I assume, they aren't idiots. Your pugged DPS and tanks standing in stuff? Idiots. I just try not to pug. I don't have my loremaster yet, so plenty to do besides pugging my day away....
I have to agree...

I used to enjoy healing... now it is just a pain in the... (you know what i mean). If you are in a good group then it all fine..

Your ability to do "fine" when the group is good is an indication that things are as they should be. The healer shouldn't be responsible for (or physically capable of, for that matter) saving everyone's ass if they are playing like morons. It seems to be a goal of the expansion to take the cruise control away from DPS classes. If someone needs to L2P and it takes them dying a few times, that is fine and not your fault. If they blame you for it, they will eventually learn that they need to pay attention. As people get used to this new expansion there will be some growing pains, but it will even out. Tanks and DPS will all eventually learn that this isn't Wrath anymore.

Maybe I've just been lucky but I have yet to catch the blame for any DPS dying when it's clear they were standing in something, or not avoiding some AOE directional attack.
hakusho... I play as shockadin since bc and i can tell you that this spam exorcism paladin is not a shockadin.
In fact it would be if at least our holy shock had a 100 percent to make exorcism an instant cast, wich doesnt. Global cd gives a time of waiting when use holy shock to use exorcism... well it means holy pvp is pure spam exorcism and crit 11k with avenging+divine favor+inquistion... GREAT ... getting 27k from a starsurge druid balance spammer ... ok i can heal,USE WORD OF GLORY ... ops heal crit 15k (word of glory heals the same as prot/ret/holy and has a low crit chance) ops another 27k FLAHS OF LIGHT! CC =dead =/
OK from the way paladins are now, holy seems the best, although against other classes its not so good anymore.
On wotlk I used to play as a shockadin too, it has been a class where players didnt like to play anymore, though with a knowledge about shockadins you would realize how powerfull shockadins were on wotlk... with 5k gs I could win 6.1k gs hunters/locks/druids/warriors!!!/paladins... any class... and lose for any too it would depend my knowledge and my enemie knowledge.
I had repentence that was an awesome cc nice dmgs impossible to lose mana even with mana burn/drain mana i would take it back from ret talent. and i could atack/heal at the same time including getting free of stuns.
but now im not even a shockadin anymore, im a spammer , also my heal isnt that great.
I liked the new system btw but i think that if we have to cap 3 holy powers to do a heal or a buff of dmg this should be worth.With 3 stacks of holy power criting 15k at heals and a shamy with that new almost instant cast spell heals 11k... ( i have a shamy)
Well i had another opinios to express but what i want to mean is that the system is not bad.. whats wrong for me is that the system is not worth with we compare to other classes... i crit 11k exorcism with everything stacked... my mage crits 12+k with frostbolt+10k almost with ice lance with a simple sequence.

Well i dont have any videos to show you guys about the real shockadin but i found some videos that shows some players with a good knowledge about the class ( you have to consider the patch)

I hope you enjoy. Those are good videos(not using repentence well buts ok =P), and then compare the playstyle of a shockadin on wotlk to a shockadin on cataclysm -.- ( ITS A...........................)
I havent really seen much of a change since the "Tuning" (I wont call it a nerf, because it was needed).

When I do rep runs or help someone out in Normals, I finish just about everything (with no CC) still in the 80-100% range on mana.

Some heroic encounters can run me dry, but thats usually the fault of the group, and not the fight mechanics. The number one cause of me running out of mana is an interrupt not being done, or people standing in damage (Fire, pools ect). As people learn how to beat the encounters properly, it gets even easier.

Its getting to the point where there arent many Heroic trash pulls that even need CC anymore because everyones gear is catching up, they are settling into their class changes, or they are learning what the danger's are and focusing down the right mobs in the pulls now.
No issues. The tuning addressed methods I already didn't use. I did notice the removal of HP for Holy Lights on beacon target but that didn't bother me too much. Holy Shock works fine for that, given it gives other procs. I still essentially have no use for Divine Light, its neither powerful enough or fast enough if either of those were tweaked it might work; bigger heal or faster not both.

I think a lot of the original "oh help what have you done" comments were owing more to group dynamics and play adjustments that were still underway. The fact that many tanks are still around 100k health vs the healer at 110-130k is what throws things off a lot.

Tanks inparticular haven't gotten over the idea that "no you no longer have the same stats build you had three weeks ago, accept that the quest/dungeon drop/reward is better than what you have even if you lose a stat on that item, you either don't need it or you will get it else where soon enough"
12/20/2010 12:22 PMPosted by Kusuma
Crusader Striking for HP is annoying.
But most heroics are sitll cake even with the change.

True but for Holy you get 3-4k mana back each time you judge as well so you kinda want to a lot. :-)

I dont PVP =)
sorry then =P
What id like for a shockadin now is that he would came back to a full instant cast class... all i really want is that the holy talent that when uses holy shock would give 100 percent to have an exorcism.
It's lovely. I'm complemented on every single run I do, and in normals I breeze through the instance like no tomorrow, laughing at people that want CC. Save it for heroics. Sure some people drop like flies, that's them, not me. 99.9% of the time they were undergeared, drunk, or didn't know the content enough to move. I crave for the challenge.

I am a god among men, and people love me.
Don't be bothered by any complaining about Holy paladins.

Harder? MUCH. But harder than classic or BC? Not really. I'm still sitting at 90% mana after most trash mobs and boss fights, and I attribute this to a switch in playstyle. You really shouldn't be using Holy Flash ever unless your tank is below 25% or a DPS is below 10%. Divine Light has uses now, and Holy Light has returned as the staple spell like it used to be.

Use your cooldowns. And especially use Judgment of Insight at every occasion. It's restoring 15% of your base mana with every cast, which is about 2-3 spells worth of MP. Considering you can use the judgment every 2-3 casts...there shouldn't be a reason to run out of mana unless your dungeon/raid group is undergeared/naive and taking more damage than they're supposed to.
don't know how ANYONE is having trouble with normals in any spec of any class whatsoever at any level, even in pugs, never mind paladin healing which is retardedly easy. what did the nerf even do? i haven't noticed anything.
I dont have trouble in normals or heroics. I just don't much like being relegated back to the days of wrath healing which is essentially what the fix did. I think that's why most people like it. We get to spam again instead of actually think about what we're doing.
I have way too much mana. I sometimes want to break cc myself so that I have something to spend my mana on. I'm having no problems at all, sadly.
I'm starting to find it pretty easy to heal, there was a brief time transitioning from normal to heroic instances that i had to work for my mana to last the whole fight but now i'm starting to gear up in 346+ gear its kinda easy mode.

Ive mainly been just doing randoms though and id put a lot of the problems i had with the mana down to people doing silly stuff, standing where they shouldn't be and having crap dps, heaps of people i group with still cant even pull over 5k dps. Like someone said i think its designed so dps need to watch what they are doing and cant rely on a tank and healer pulling them through doing stupid stuff.

I do find sometimes when there is not much dmg on the tank but a bit of raid damage it takes a bit to build up holy power when your only really holy shocking and not healing beacon target. I think it would be good for FoL to generate a holy power cast on any target, its an expensive heal and i dont think people really use it that much but mainly when someones low or now and again when there is a lot of raid damage going out.
All the patch did for me is I dont use LOD any more it useless in most 5 mans..

5k heal with 3 hp what a joke,unless you can get all of group in front of you not worth the hp.

so now i just use WOG but it seems boring now, before i would move around to get 2 or3 peeps in LOD cone but now i just stay out of the way unless im below 50% mana then i go in for autoattacks..

I think change with tower and HL was fine and needed,the 40% nerf to LOD at the same time not so good.
No struggle whats so ever. I just had to change my playstyle. No longer spamming holy light for no reason (or use that spell.)

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