Akroma 25 man Aman'Thul recruiting

Akroma is a mature and friendly 25 man raiding guild on Aman'Thul.

We are currently recruiting additional active members for its 25 man team. We are judicious in our selection process and only consider exceptional, friendly and committed players. Raid times are Sun, Mon, Wed, Frid 8pm - 11pm server time. We are very accepting of people with children and real life commitments. However, we do have certain expectations of our members and the following are considered essential for entry into the guild.

- Be 18 years of age or older.
- Demonstrate basic raiding capabilities and class knowledge.
- Demonstrate the ability to learn and grow as a player.
- Have a reliable Internet connection. If you disconnect frequently (ie. more than once per 4 hours) please do not apply until you have resolved this.
- Be comfortable using and speaking on Vent when required..
- Have situational awareness and be able to react to your environment.

Our website www.akroma.com.au lists our recruiting needs, although we are in need of ranged casters and tank heals, in particular:

Pally heals
Disc holy Priest
Ele Shaman
DK Tank

This list is not extensive but it is unlikely at this time we will be taking any melee applications.

Please take the time to complete your application with care as half hearted attempts will be ignored.

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