Holy Paly Tips?

I like to thing that I do a pretty good job healing in battle grounds.

In a large group it's a little easier to avoid getting targeted or at least get protection. In 2v2 or 3v3 any smart group will go for me first.

Can anyone provided some tips on what I can do to help my team (aside from get more resil/stam)?

Are there certain specs that might be better for Arenas than general BGs or instances?
I dont play a holy paladin but if I recall, concentration aura is an essential talent for healing. Makes you and your partner immune to interrupts and stuns for 6 seconds, great when you get an interrupter sitting on you

Unless you know of a reason not to, that seems to be a useful talent most pvp holys use
Concentration aura in conjunction with aura mastery is very useful if you absolutely need to get a couple of casts off (otherwise the aura is kind of meh, use resistance). However it requires you to spend a talent point and can only be activated for 6sec every 2min. During that 6sec you are immune to silence and interrupt effects but not stuns. This also does not remove any existing silences or interrupts. You can always try juking or fake casting your spells and getting them to waste an interrupt, but chances are with every class having multiple stuns and interrupts they will end up using something else that isn't on CD.

Try hiding around a pillar or get your team to lay down some CC. They are just as responsible for your survivability as you are for them.

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