Copeing with the Heal Nerf

Hey nerds,

Im here asking for tips and tricks to deal with this nerf and still be able to do heroics.

Im having the hardest time doing heroics with my 335ilevel, its not the best but somehow people are getting heroics done and i wanna too!

Get more spirit and gem your gear.

Also, only use plate.
You should reforge all your mastery to spirit... oh and reforge the hit on your trinket to something more useful too. Gems and enchants help as well. I used ghost elixirs and spirit food when starting heroics to boost my regen.
you shouldn't be using anything put plate with spirit on it
i guess ive dug myself a hole here...
There was no heal nerf. Healing is fine. If you were in the group of individuals who were taking advantage of a poorly thought out healing mechanic, then you may be saying that. If however you were one of the paladins who actually learned to use the most of the new healing toolkit, its business as usual.

And FFS, get out of the damn Cloth gear. Its Plate or GTFO. Uther would be rolling over in his grave..
its leather...
12/20/2010 5:16 PMPosted by Zarky
its leather...

Cause that makes it better than plate.. AMIRITE!
k w.e idk what i did deserve this but alright... ty for the help everyone.... bye rufgar
Once your INT goes up (Increasing Crit and Spell power as well as mana pool), your heals will be more effective.

From there get your spirit up to a point where you are comfortable with your combat mana regen in relation to the content you are running as well as your healing style in that content.

After that, mastery/crit/haste are all debatable and again Dependant on your playstyle. At some point the Theory crafters will have figured out the math, and we'll know what the initial goals are for optimal healing.

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