Level 70 arenas & Druids


I'm sure nobody from Blizzard reads these but just in the offchance...

During the new season there is a glaring issue with level 70 arenas: druids do not have cyclone (until like level 74).

Why is this a problem? As a resto druid I have no cc to help bring down the other team.

The problem with this: I've had 2 matches so far where it was resto druid + dps versus resto druid + dps. They have both ended in 45 minute stalemates. It's to the point where it is too risky to even queue up as resto+dps in the offchance you come across another healer+dps team.

Please lower the level requirement for cyclone to 70. Arenas were designed with this ability in the game, and without it the arenas are incredibly sad... :(

And yes, I know the game isn't balanced around 70. But if they are going to give us arenas then they are at the least supporting the bracket. Druids had the ability pre-cata so it's not mind-boggingly insane to have it now.
edit: 2 of the 10 games I've played have ended in stalemates... 20% chance for 45 minute matches that are double-losses.

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