[Bug] Elementium Stormshield - Display

Bug Report
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Can't see my Elementium Stormshield. I've had the shield for a while now and i cant see it when i put it away on my back. Looks like I'm carrying nothing. Hope there's some way to fix this.
Please fix my shield!!!!
fix it! bump
Epic fail...literally.

Come on Blizzard, you're better than that. While you're at it, give resto shaman some better bracer choices and fix the damn dps meta gems already.
Go blizz! do your job! lol
Where is the blue response? :(
wtf I just bought this for my shammy!!! Pls fix
This has been going on for almost what, 2 weeks? Not even a response....Good Job
blue post? '-'
since this shield is unlikely to be replaced anytime soon, could I please look like a shaman again?
What he said. 2nd BIS, can we get the shield to simply...appear.
10 pages, 0 blues.
Everywhere Shammies and Pallies are crying.....

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