[Bug] Elementium Stormshield - Display

Bug Report
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I reported this last week. Someone mentioned that it's pretty simple. The shield is coded as an off-hand instead of a shield. That's why it dissapears when you sheath it.

Please fix this!
bump! cmon maaan fix this s*&t
I was disappointed to see it not fixed again this morning. *sadface* :(
Bump fix it!!! cost me alot of gold not to see it.
plsssssssssssssssss fix!!!!
How is this not fixed yet :(
not displayed for me. do we have to wait til next year for a fix since they are on vaca?
Shield is not displaying for anyone from what i hear wish blizzard would atleast make a post saying if they intend to fix it or not. we spend some much time farming the mats to not even have our hard work displayed to showoff....
Also having this issue as well as rest of guildies with the item.
Just got mine made and that was the first thing I noticed. I dont like not seeing a shield on my back fix kkthx =D
please fix
i had the same issue with the stormforged and hardened obsidium shields, they sheath to the off hand locatuion, not your back

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