[Bug] Elementium Stormshield - Display

Bug Report
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I had to bind unsheath weapon just so I didn't look retarded.
bump bump bumperooni
Was really hoping this would be fixed by now :(
Please fix
I have the same issue, and I love how blizz doesn't even give us the time to respond.
Bumping it up, had my shield for over four days now, and it really irks me I cannot even enjoy the look of my new shield.
Needs more front page.

I was pretty disappointed when I crafted this shield for a friend, and he noticed it does not display on his character. QQ
Please fix. K thx.
Blizzard you are awesome. Love the new healing mechanics... but this shield has to be fix'd. k thx.
Blizzard, will you at least acknowledge that this is a problem? And answer all 1000 of us on this thread? This is bad business, we pay money to play this game.
Bump for an easy fix/obvious bug.
Bump to fix this shield bug that has been around for weeks!
Fix it, fix it, fix it, fix it, fix it, fix it… fix it, fix it, fix it
plz fix?
Please please fix this Blizz it looks silly having nothing on my back.

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