[Bug] Elementium Stormshield - Display

Bug Report
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I had this shield for over 2 weeks now. I reported this the day i made the shield and I still look stupid walking around Org. For crying out loud please fix this bug, I absolutely hate running around with it not showing.
Agree and Bump. Please Fix
Fix please

I just paid sooo much gold to have this made :(

Edit: to add more whining
Bump because I have this
bump for all my priest looking paladin healers out there!
GM responded to my ticket about this, he or she said that they are aware of this issue and they are working on it right now.
This makes me sad. Payed 3k for my shield and now I can't even see it. I keep having to check my chacter panel to see if I have it equiped. This should have been fixed a long time ago. :(
Please fix this. Thanks.
bump. Fix Plz ty!
Bump. fix it please =/
OMG, next expansion they will fix it.

Happy new year.
fix this crap alrdy.
bumping, at least respond blue's to acknowledge it's being fixed.
I saw someone without a shield and found this bug too. It is a shame that Blizzard utterly ignores any bug that is not 'game-breaking.' Starting areas are littered with so many bugs right now, worgen are even missing their right footprint! (Oh, and the first green mace you get in the worgen starting area also vanishes on sheathing).

Unfortunate truth seems to be, if a bug does not effect gameplay and is cosmetic, expect to be ignored until the next expansion. Keep in mind, frayed boots _never_ showed on Draenei until they were finally removed from the game.

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