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Just had this crafted and thought my game was being weird. I feel naked without my shield =/ Can't believe this has been a reported bug for so long and no mention of a fix yet.

Bump for blizz help.

*Edited* Guildmate can't see it either, only when I drew my weapon.
Bamp :(
No one can see it on you.
Elementium Stormshield is still not being displayed on the back of my character.

Please fix this because I feel nude.
Blizzard doesn't care. Plain and simple. First off, consider... how can something like this pass QA? Answer, we're QA. I mean, sheath shield, shield disappears = bad. This isn't like some strange, esoteric bug or anything. You'd think someone with a middle school education and one working eye can figure this one out.

But they don't care. Because it doesn't affect game play. Heck, if it affected game play, I'm not sure they'd care either, I've submitted bug report after bug report, nothing ever gets fixed. Cataclysm has more bugs than a beehive. Why the heck they even bothered with a beta is beyond me, as the bugs in the beta are still present in the final product.


Sorry... there is my QQ. I'm "fail" I guess. But this whole expansion is just plain awful.
wow... still no acknowledgement.
same no shield i'm super pissed fix plz
I filed a ticket in game today, and spoke with a GM. They are aware of the bug he said...so hopefully it's fixed soon.
Bump for something to be done...
I don't understand why there has been no response, even though this may not be "Game breaking" it is important to the paladin and shaman community that this be resolved. It is annoying to not have a shield display for such a truly epic item, and we cannot even enjoy it. I understand things cannot be fixed in a day or maybe even a week, but to go for so long without even stating there is a fix on the way, or even acknowledge that we are being heard is quite insulting.
I can't believe we've had two bug fix patches in the last 4 days and this was not included.
Same here on resto troll shaman. Initially thought I had vendored it by mistake..
same problem. invisible shield sucks.

fix it please.
Still not fixed and no blue response. BUMP
I expect this to be finished when we get our dance studios, new racials, fixed drake mounts, and expanded archaeology
Pleeeease fix this. It's frustrating to spend lots of mats and the tip/charge for a chaos orb and have a shield that only shows up if I'm wielding it. I go into a group and I look like a noob shaman who didn't get a shield.

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