How do you level as Holy paladins?

I've had this problem for a while now...I can't find any gear for myself...I've done dungeon after dungeon i think i'm up to my 6th one now. I can't seem to find anything Plate with stats for myself.

Some of the times i'm extremely undergeared compared to everyone else my level and it's a little irritating

Of course there are Necklaces/Trinkets among other things that drop...But there's always someone else to roll against for it so I don't get much of those either...

I'm thinking of switching to Prot once I hit 60 and just buying the gear you can get with Honor points.

So my question is: Is there a place or dungeon I can get Holy pala gear? Or do I just use one of the other specs till I hit 80?
Its old world syndrome, back when it wasnt practical to be Holy leveling.

Take what healing gear you can find, doesnt have to be plate, until you get to Burning Crusade content, then you will see a greater variety of healing gear dropping, from 60+ you should start getting back into plate.
level to 56, then pick up outlands plate off the AH
Thanks! Just a bit frustrated atm...Went to my first BG in that 55-59 Bracket...

The mages have the same hp as me...
Dks have a good 1.5k+....

I feel like a priest...Cept I have better looking hair =]

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