WTf is happening at 80+

Hello folks. I see the complaints i seem constantly! I am relatively new.. I mean i have been playing a paladin since original wow (vanilla?) but off and on and still dont have a high lvl and since then all i have seen expo after expo is the class getting revamped and ultimately better and better.. Even now i play and im having a hell of a time.. my dps is decent (not the best but dam good) and in bgs im top 5 in damage AND healing as ret and thats only with me healing my dam self.. What the hell magically happens in higher levels that has so many people at the edge of the cliff with the knife to their wrist?

Im not saying you guys are all wrong. Im just asking what happens? I agree the whole holly power thing sucked at first. basicly pally mechanics were changed and it did take a bit of getting used to but once I did i was owning yet again.

I learned a loooong time ago that most of the people on the forums talking about nerfs and balances are usualy girly men that dont like to adjust and every time i see that 1% lvl 85 ret pally come on here and say stfu were fine it makes me wonder whos rite?
Stat Scaling gets normalized and you see huge gains in HP, and huge losses in things like Crit, hit, and the like. You go from being capped to taking huge losses in stats.

Now this isnt a wine post, just saying, some people cant cope with the change it itemization, tactics required to beat content, changes to core roles such as healing/tanking/DPS (To an extent because they are now being asked to actually use things like CC and Interrupts).

Its basically a new game at 81. Many (Like myself) like the changes, some are having a harder go with it and the adapting needed.
One word ... scaling.

Ret rocked pre-Cata even though Ret started leveling less well than some other class/specs around 70/80(?).

Ret at 80 and up post-Cata appears to be broken for a lot of people.

Be sure to take into account what level and more importantly what iLevel they are running when they tell you it is all okay.

Thank you for the input Rufgar. Honest man this is exactly what i thought was happening. So for ret what do you have to cap in order? Hit/crit? and what in gods name is mastery and what does it do

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