good bye pally. . .

So I come back after a 6 month leave. spent the night downloading a 10gig patch. finally get logged in to WoW and see my Pally of the last 3 years is still there. smiling like she always does. I click her and find my self in Dalaran. how ever the UI looks different. whats this odd bar under my mana bar? ok my talent points got reset. so i click my talent tab and go to set the points only to see things are far from normal. i'm left with a feeling my main toon of the last 4 years have been ###@d. so i try to set her back up as the ret pally she was. i go off to a beginner dungeon to see her skills. after trying to remap my skills to the tool bars, i enter the area. the first thing i notice is this new holy power bar. then later as Art of War goes off i'm annoyed by these odd images on the side of my toon. to me they're more distracting than helpful. i'm left having to figure out a new way of playing my old toon.

If anything i'll give my main toon a week to figure out and if it ends up being a lost cause i'll hold on to her as the blacksmith she is. Other wise i'll look at building up another toon as a hunter, mage, warrior. while granted i was expecting a few changes to the pally, i wasn't expecting to log in only to find her ###@d by Blizz.

before anyone goes on to claim i'm crying about all this, no. I'm just saying that I feel disappointed about this latest patch. If it was possible I'd be perfectly happy with playing on a server that held the last version of 3.0.
It's not like they're forcing you to pay them $15/month.
not the point, lilynette. I loved this game. now i see something that was a poor idea from the start of this new expansion.
12/20/2010 7:55 PMPosted by Midnightfox
i'm left having to figure out a new way of playing my old toon.

I believe the term you're looking for is "adapting", and it's something players have had to do since the beginning of WoW (and all MMOs really). Just because things are a lot different doesn't necessarily mean they're bad.
I don't see a problem with you liking the game back then.

It's just that they're the creators of the game, and so long as it's not criminal, they can do whatever they choose with it.

Adapt or Quit.
ture, and much like Valve they cram updates down our throat weather we like them or not.

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